Reloading and Shooting


1976 Colt Diamondback in .38spl

The funny thing about being an SF guy - most people would look at you and never guess. When people ask me the difference between Rangers and SF I usually give them the short answer - we’re older, fatter, and have more relaxed ideas about grooming standards.
A guy from the Virginia chapter of the SFMC “happened to be in the neighborhood” so I invited him shooting. It’s “heartwarming” to know we old timers can still shoot.

He’s a Glock man. I like the Sig.
We were pretty evenly matched. This was mine:

So this guy next to me says, “I heard you mention you reload .38 Special. I’d interested in getting some from you.”
I said, “You better make sure I know what I’m doing first,” and shot this group with my 686.
He said, “How soon can you make me 250 rounds?”

We both shoot 1911 but he didn’t have his with him. I gave him twenty rounds of my handloaded .45 ACP HAP and he outshot me with my own gun. I “Forgot” to take photos.