Replacement putty

Been using Squadron putty for decades but now I’m about to run out. Looking for recommendations. Something readily available and easy to work with. Thanks.

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I really like Tamiya basic putty, sets up surprisingly quickly and Hobby Lobby carries it.
This is the stuff “Uncle Night Shift” uses for his armor texturing.

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I use Revell Plasto. It is very good.

I second that.

Another option is Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty.


And easy and quick to source at your FLAPS (Friendly, Local, Auto-Parts Store)…

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German quality never denied !

A third recommendation for Bondo glazing and spot putty.

If l’m not mistaken the Tamiya stuff is an acrylic based putty. If it’s anything like the AK stuff that that I have tried I don’t think I want it. Bondo looks promising though.

No , not acrylic. It thins with their cement.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Tamiya Basic Gray is a nitrocellous based putty like Squadron but in my opinion with a finer grain. It’s an excellent putty in my experience.

Bondo Spot & Glaze is excellent putty in my experience. Also a nitrocellous based putty.

Putty vs putty Bondo is hard to beat for unthinned filling.

If you like thinning putty with Liquid Cement or so it is like Mr Surfacer 1500, then in my opinion Tamiya Basic Gray or Molak Stucco Putty is as good as it gets.


Not familiar with the stucco stuff. Where can you get it?

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Sending PM/DM.

It’s usually available on Ebay these days.

Like other parts of our hobby sometimes you want to have multiple tools to handle different situations. One of those in certain scenarios only is Vallejo putty.

You also need to think what the task you want to accomplish. Hide a seam, use it for Zimm, or texture.

Tamiya Basic is the best equivalent to Squadron.
However, if you want to venture out a bit. There is UPOL Glazing & Spot Putty. Similar to Bondo spot putty but with no grain. This stuff has the application consistency of tube paint like oil paint or acrylic paint. Smooth paste and smooth finish but hard and tough as Bondo.

@Armor_Buff question for Wade - I always have used Tamiya white putty, I don’t love it, but it just seems to be what I have ended up with. What’s the difference between Tamiya white and grey?

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The Tamiya white putty is a polyester base putty. It cures faster than the gray. However, the white doesn’t thin well with Liquid Cement. The white polyester may thin with something else like lacquer or acetone.

I tested the white for zimmerit and found consistency was difficult to work with for me.

Most of putty I’ve used, I wanted thinned putty glaze almost like paint for zimmerit, texture or filling small defects or blemishes. I’m counting on it to shrink slightly etc like a cured paint.

Sunk punch marks, I like CA & accelerator.

The grey is Molak Stucco Putty or Tamiya Basic thinned out with liquid cement. White is Tamiya polyester.

I’m sure there’s a way to use Tamiya white for thin zimmerit, but I haven’t been able to find it.



Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty,
Works really well, smooth with water, doesnt shrink.
Can deep fill as it is inert.
I have a plane wing root radius filled, 6 years old, a veteran of many show transports & no damage.
You can’t sand wet, but thats it.
I also use Bondo/Holts, Mr Surfacer 500 & 1200, rattlecan primer filler & lately UV set resin & filker, as the job in hand needs

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