RFM Challenger 2, OOB, Berlin Camo’, Finished!

Well, here we go again, another Berlin Brigade camo scheme, this time on the Challenger 2. The kit looks very nice, and having been inspired by @Catsrcool ‘s build of the same kit, it looks like it will go together nicely. However, I’m not looking forward to those tracks!

Cheers, Jim.


Looks like a sweet build.
Will be eagerly watching for updates.
Happy Modeling


Tuned in and watching. Really interested in this build. :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

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Your Chieftain came out amazing in this camo, so I’m certain this will be no different! Will you be building this Chally 2 as Streetfighter 2 or just a regular one?

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I’ll be watching

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You’re a sucker for punishment Jim… More Berlin Cam lol… Bring it on… Although, I expect this time it may be a bit less stressful as the whole wagon has much cleaner and flat surfaces than the Chieftain.

Im thinking of getting the TES Chally2 from RFM… So of course I will be watching this one as close as the rest of your excellent builds. ( Have also just got hold of the RFM M1a2 SEP2 :grin:)
Do you get engine grills as PE with the kit Jim ?


Hey guys, thanks for the interest!

Just going to start putting the lower hull together. It’s too cold here for painting just now so will be on a building phase on a few kits for a wee while.

@Johnnych01 I really am hoping this will be slightly more straightforward for the masking, although I don’t mind a challenge, and the kit does indeed come with the screens;


This is on my want list so I will be following with great interest.

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I want to buy this kit, so I’ll enjoy watching your build.

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I have this kit, very nice in-box looking, but I will go for overall green scheme - one only from the operational unit, not from training grounds like others.

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Thanks for the interest guys. It is indeed a nice kit. I have the hull together and running gear assembled. The detail on the wheels is really nice.

Unfortunately I managed to get a slight twist in the chassis so some alteration of the road wheels will be needed for them to sit flat. I think I just didn’t get the lower hull pieces quite lined up perfectly, so just my building skills rather than the kit, only a matter of a mm or so, no biggy.

Also started the tracks, which go together quite easily and look rather nice, only 147 more links to do! Three pieces per link!!

Cheers, Jim.


Wow ! that looks like a really nice kit

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Glad the tracks are nice go get together, that should be a decent part of the battle won Jim.

Progressing very nicely, indeed.
The tracks look great.

Thanks guys!

So, after several hours of snipping, cutting, sanding and careful gluing, I have one side of the tracks done. The instructions call for 79 each side, but that would leave far too much sag. The pictures show what will be 78 when permanently attached.

I must say, I am impressed with the tracks. A lot of work but very well engineered with fantastic articulation and great detail. I used Mr Cement Deluxe, as seen in the pic’, which is the thicker type Mr Hobby glue. It’s the first time I have had need for it and it was great. I only had to apply it to one surface and the bond seems to be very good. I made sure I manipulated the track every couple of links to make sure of the bond and to keep them free moving.

Cheers, Jim.


Wow the detail on that kit is excellent

Looks great Jim. The track detailing looks very nice … And the track run is spot on :+1:

Looks good Jim.

I know you haven’t painted this one yet and maybe a question for when you are done but its in my mind now, between the two builds, which would you recommend if you could only build one? Which would be the easiest to build and paint?

@metalhead85 The detail is great, I wholeheartedly agree.

@Johnnych01 I was hoping you would say that about the track John! It is amazing how much slack one extra link makes. I think as I really worked the track as I was building it I may have added somewhat to the overall length.

@Tank_1812 Do you mean the Chieftain with urban camo too? If so I think they are a similar amount of work to build. However, I think the Chally is going to be a good bit easier to paint, as it has a lot more linear surfaces. Now, if I had to choose between them in this scheme, I think it would have to be the Chieftain. I had wanted to build that since I first saw it all those years ago, so it is nostalgic for me, a bucket list build if you will. And, for all the work it was, I really enjoyed the whole process, hence the masochistic need to revisit the scheme here!

Thanks, J.


Very nice indeed…

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