RFM StuG III Ausf G - build

Nearly a year has passed since starting a new kit. So as motivation, RFM’s spiffy new Stug III Ausf G went on the bench today.

My last Stug III build was in ~1994 when Dragon released their first Stug III B. For any one interested in these older kits Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.B (Sd.Kfz.142) 1:35 Scale Dragon #6008 - Tamiya #35281 Kit Comparison by Terry Ashley makes a nice overview.


Stug III trivia/lore/mythology/religion is always one of my weak points so this will be a very basic “Git’er Dunn” build.

The RFM kit made an excellent first impression because it looks way better than any of the mid-1990’s or early 2000’s Stug III kits I’d acquired over the years. Given my lack depth with the Stug III nuances and the kits finer points, this thread [Track Link: David Coyne - RFM StuG III G by RFM](Track Link: David Coyne - RFM StuG III G by RFM) may be of interest.

Master assistant Kali returns despite a few gripes that this should be a Panther/Tiger :cat2: build.

Step 1 - Minor stumble right out of the gate. Immediately noticed instructions call for two parts M10. I didn’t find an “M” part tree. Likewise “M” parts aren’t listed on the instruction sheet.

Decided this could be a typo and be “W” parts since a sprue of “W” parts are listed.

However, nothing on the W tree looks like M10 in my opinion. My master build assistant says, I told you build a Tiger…

BRUTE FORCE IGNORANCE not the force is my ally so unlike Yoda, I slapped a couple of C79’s in place of the M10’s. If that causes an issue, I’ll grind down the C79’s into M10’s. :blush:

The hull bottom is quite impressive. Given the kit has two lower hulls its important to make sure the desired parts are picked. The kit is molded in high quality plastic and clean up is a snap.

MENG’s inexpensive hobby drill bits come in handy for punching out a pair of 1mm holes in the lower bow area.

Product of step 1


Nice, looking forward to following your build

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My kit came with a errata sheets
Most of those items are not really needed.
And don’t cut off the muffler pipe like RFM tells you! That’s for the interior version.

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Thank you @GEdmonds Greg.

Very interesting info on the muffler.
My kit doesn’t have an errata sheet.

@Dan could you share what is on the errata sheet please? I couldn’t find any info on RFM’s website. Thank you.

Sorry, but I cant find it.

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Step #2
Everything went with Tamiya like precision smoothness.

Sleepy modelers maybe at risk of confusing D9 (not used) and D6 as they have somewhat similar shapes.

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OOOppppssss… to late for me ! hopefully I can find them in the trash can.

@agincajun’s thread, I’ve-lost-that-lovin-feeling-or-the-thrill-is-gone inspired me to take a look at my own work bench.

Looking at 7 months plus of nothing accomplished modeling this or any other build. My wife has been ill four times but hopefully we’re on road to recovery now.

Part of the desk mess arose from rocket :rocket: surgery reattaching a decapitated Barbie’s head to doll for younger granddaughter. Crack head Barbie lost her shoulder ballast when fleeing the trailer park with the police in high speed pursuit from what I understand.

Retaining a full range of motion for Barbie was critical per granddaughter so Barbie’s neck ended up drilled out and sleeved with aluminum tubing. Happy to report the patient is doing well and a full recovery is expected. However, Barbie doll may end up in debtor’s prison if the hospital bill arrives.

So I decided to revive the thread and the build in an attempt to get back on track. Nothing like posting to add a bit of positive pressure to get modeling again.

Organizing desk and plan to update soon…


It will be good to see you back Wade!

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You funny dude.

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Ah , I remember the joys of toy repair . In my daughters case Barbi’s leg couldn’t be saved so we built her a Lego wheelchair.


Even though I am not really a Stug guy anymore… I do love the fact that I am not the only one who has “furry four legged” help.
Cool build

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Since new years, back working on the model briefly each day.

Minor hurtles

  1. Remedial training for Joey the 17 pound tomcat. He isn’t allowed in my lap when model building occurs. He’s still sulking.

  2. Remedial training for modeler, Kali Kat is allowed to in lower left desk drawer when model building occurs.

  3. Misplaced my optivisor. It’s has disappeared from the hobby room.

Step 3 complete


That’s it Wade, a new year, a new start. Get back on that horse. How is your wife doing, by the way?
Model building and cats just can’t go together in my experience. My wife has a cat, an orange tabby named Stuart. It’s not our cat, it’s her cat. The first time I found a cat hair on my bench, the cat was banned from my studio. Of course, you know how successful wrangling a cat is - his favorite spot in the house is on the spare bed in my studio. So we tolerate each other and I vacuum my bench frequently. Cat hair loves model glue and fresh paint. And it migrates invisibly!
Model on Wade!


Thank you Matt.

Yes, it’s really a matter of getting a good start going almost like starting a fire :fire: in the fireplace.

Wife is doing better. We had several days in hospital & an ER visit Christmas day. I’m very happy with progress. She’ll return to work later this week if all keeps going well.

Stuart sounds like quite the exceptional orange :tangerine: tomcat to “negotiate” access to the spare bed! All cats belive it’s a sin to allow a good bed to go unoccupied - wink. Previously, I could work around the flying furr issues pretty well vacuum & dusting etc with just Kali. It going to be a real challenge with three cats!

On the modeling side, I like this RFM kit very much. It really helps with getting back in the saddle working with a high quality kit.

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I can’t model without magnification…


Check the cat. All of them. Cats steal things. You may need to close the door to your work room. Maybe set up a security checkpoint with metal detector, all cats must process through when entering and leaving work area. Use GPS tracking system to monitor location of cats at all times.


Dogs won’t ever steal modeling supplies. A fact.


Indeed Ken & Dan, this maybe a feline conspiracy at it’s worst. I suspect the OV was being held in an undisclosed location…in any case Step 4 wrapped.

The Small Shop’s PE holding tool proved very useful for cutting the screen free of the PE fret with minimal burrs. Tamiya’s pricey diamond grit file made short work of the burrs on the PE.

Located my optivisor. It miraculous reappeared shortly after feeding Kali & Joey some premium moist cat food.

If Kali is done with the fun and games maybe some faster progress tomorrow!


If i may add a cat/hobby related story for your alls amusement. I used to tie flies, we had two cats, i had in bags all sorts of feathers, yarn and dubbing (fuzzy stuff used to build up bodies on flies). Among the collection of bags hanging from the wall on the desk was a matched pair of mallard wings. Came home one night to my desk looking like Freddy Kruger tried to organize, bags and feathers and fur everywhere. Knew it was either Sophie or Tessa that was the culprit, anyways cleaned it up and found i was missing one full mallard wing (feathers grow a mirror image on each wing so you match them). We went to dinner after i dressed down the cats, looked pretty crazy im sure, a few hours later we get back, walk in the front door and laid neatly so it was the first thing i saw was the missing wing…can you believe when i sat down they came to get petted like nothing happened?!?

Im a dog guy now thank god.