Santa's goodies

In all seriousness Ryan … STOP POSTING THESE LINKS . :grin:… you are draining my bank account lol… if someone does want to do the alternate camo design campaign … I would love it to start about June time so I can clear some space …

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I need some company and make use of the money spent. :crazy_face:

I like the idea and might do something rash in a few months or next year like propose a campaign for such a build. My build calendar is getting full and I don’t build that fast to finish the ones I need/want to.

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The group build idea is something to keep in mind though. It would be great seeing some alternative cam designs …I dont mind proposing it later in the year, or just even starting an ongoing build thread that people add to ??

Sorry to go off topic @golikell Erwin, will leave this chat about the camo designs and let it get back to Santa’s deliveries… Ryan and I can think on this other topic for a while …

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I absolutely don’t mind! I like lively discussions…


How about I make a post for the Geeks thread highlighting the general idea @Tank_1812 and I cam up with, and seeing how much interest it gets - then either going for a Group build starting in June/July or one of us just starts a build thread and people add to it over time ?

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Sounds like a great plan to corrupt @Klaus-Adler to spend his cash. :smiling_imp:

Haha … I was thinking along those lines … he wont be able to help himself … :grin:

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Santa Claus visited:)

Modern British will be a nice change of pace from WW2 Panzer IV’s.


Nice kit. Will you put it on a diorama?

Hi Erwin,

My figure painting skills are terrible so best to leave dioramas to the experts. I may be brave enough to try an old Verlinden “middle east” style building in the background.

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A modelling friend found Mengs A7V and thought of me, so I now have that on the to do list! Gonna try to source some engines for it, there are 3D printed ones available, but may try to track down a set of the resin ones Meng has.

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I always find it a pity if people do derogatory about their own skills. I thought I was not capable too, but for a large project, I wanted 40(!) figures. I therefore had no choice but to try and see how far my trying would take me…
This was my first try ever:

What I try to say, is that with patience, and care you can do it…


Looks like you off of an excellent start with the figures! Is there a build thread on your project?

Fair enough on the derogatory skills comment. I should have phrased it as my AFV painting skills greatly exceed my figure face painting skills.

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@Johnnych01 I have 2 already the bandai and revell versions lol


Good morning (?)

I do not have a armorama build threat (was not very active at that moment, and the project finished in 2019)
I the pics I took are either on scalemates (both WIP and final)

Or on the old Armorama forum (only final):

My current project will also be a big one, with 9 rail vehicles and 2 road vehicles (at least). I have not determined the total number of figs yet, but it will exceed 10, probably 20…

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Erwin, wow wow those are insane projects!!

They put a smile on my face and make me bubble with enthusiasm! Before becoming a member here as a lurker; I’d seen the Morser Karl thread and told a friend thats into artillery about the Karl build and,suggested he check it out.

LASST IHN SASSEN reminds me of the magnitudes of the dios build we used to see Bob Letterman do. Your’s is amazing!

Thank you Wade. I do enjoy my project, but I also am happy to see people like what I am doing… It is the icing on the proverbial cake… The BR-52 project was started (with another engine, but that dropped out of favor) long ago, before we had children. Having put building to the side for about 9 years, I finally picked it up and decided not to do any other building before I finished this one (I always had multiple builds going and actually never finished any plans I had). So this is actually a many of firsts for me… First dio, first train, first figures… After that I did some smaller dio’s. One was copying a picture from Dutch history:

Which became this:

(The turret has been rotated to portray it correctly in the mean time)
Then a 1:32 Mustang:

And, before I started Karl, I did another big arty piece: a German 355mm M1 Howitzer (also interesting maybe for your friend):

I just uploaded a pic of Karl with his new shoes to check out, by the way :slight_smile:


Santa was very generous to me, an rfm Chally 2 so I can drive myself to distraction again with an urban camo scheme. And my first RC car that gave me so much pleasure as an 11 year old, I can’t believe my reminiscing paid off!


Lovely booty!

Hi Erwin,

You being good, am I hearing things, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

Cheers, :beer:,