Sci-Fi & What If VII Campaign

This is the link to the original thread which was started for the Sci-Fi VII and what IF Campaign, please continue to post your build logs here, thank you.

Well done for that David, hopefully it should start filling with posts soon.

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Thanks for setting this up. I now managed to sign up here on this forum.

Heart broken that all my 272 ribbons are not transfered automatically, but it is what it is :slightly_smiling_face:

I am making some more progress on my Tie figthers. I will share some pics soon.

@Robin_Nilsson it looks like a load of gibberish you’ve typed, are you having problems mate?

@SGTJKJ mate don’t worry about it, I’m confident thst Staff Jim will sort something out, just give it time, there are some bugs that need ironing out first and this campaign still has plenty of time to go.

looking forward to seeing those pictures soon

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Glad your here at last Jesper, and also looking forward to seeing the progress on the tie fighters.

Thanks for the comments, guys :slight_smile:

Here is where I am with the ties. Quite time consuming to touch up all these black triangle fields on the solar panel wings.

Need a bit more color and checker boards on the colorful tie. I think we all know who painted that? :wink:

I Will experiment with space weathering on these. I am planning the 1/48 millennium falcon for the next sci-fi campaign so might as well get some practice before moving to the big canvas.

How many pictures can we upload here? What is the limit? Normally I use imgur, but here I can load them up directly.

More to follow soon. :slight_smile:




They are looking really good Jesper, the colourful one certainly won’t get lost in the dark of space lol…
I think I uploaded at least 7 earlier on the Build a photo topic I started on this site to link in to the original build campaign

man those tie fighters look sweet, that checker board paint job must be driving you nuts.

Made it here, thanks for the help Klaus.

So managed to give my Bird of Prey it’s first coat of paint yesterday. I used Vallejo 71305 Interior Grey-Green.

Jesper, amazing work on your TIE’s. Really liking the checked scheme.



glad you made it in :grinning:

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Good to see you here Stephen. The Bird of Prey is coming together very nice. It looks a fair size as well.

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Thanks for the comments on the ties, guys. Nobody knows who painted the colorful one according to the lore? :slight_smile:

Nice bird of prey!

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Thanks guys.
Yeah it’s turning out quite a lot bigger than I thought it would. Seemed quite small to start with. I’m hoping it will look in scale with Revells TOS Enterprise and Klingon D7. Both of those are moving very quickly to the top of my build mine.

Jesper, I’m probably going to kick myself that I don’t know that one. Is it from one of the expanded universe books?

Yes, it is from the Series “Star Wars Rebels”. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sabine Wren painted the Tie fighter. Since there were two Tie Fighters in the box, I decide to make one in the colorful Sabine Scheme.


Hi guy’s just signed up to this campaign, my entry will be something Warhammer 40K not sure yet what that will be as I’m building and painting a few already but do have some boxed still.

Got to be honest, I’m not that familiar with Rebels. I’m not sure what service showed it over here, but never seen it. Might have to look around but I suspect it might be exclusively on Disney now.

Looks good though. Something different to the Imperial grey.

Possibly on Disney but I got the Blu-ray box set off Amazon two years ago then had to pick up the last season as a separate disc. Good animated series.

I thought that and the clone wars series were ok, they added some extra background and filled in a few gaps which added to the whole Star Wars story.

Welcome onboard, Littorio! Looking forward to see what you decide to build from wk40k.

Clone wars is a great series! Rebels is ok, but that one I mostly have running when I am building or painting anyway.

Hope to finish my Ties this coming week :slight_smile: