Scratch Built & Conversions

Well, as they say… “Back to the drawing board.”…

Inspector No. 172: “I don’t feel very safe up here, especially with this silly concrete base attached to my feet! Ach, my heart!”

Group image description:
• Background: 'Flam-Out!’ :fire::boom: … as in catastrophic engine test.
• Front Left: ‘Raketenantriebssystem’ :rocket: (experimental rocket propulsion system). Just for giggles, I tested to see if it would actually fit inside a spare Tamiya Fuel Drum.
• Right side: The ‘Riesige Sprengbombe’ :bomb: (huge explosive bomb) atop the ‘Bombenschlepper’ (bomb mover).

Another view of the catastrophe.

Lastly: I cobbled-together an ‘Engine Repair Platform.’ Note: Still waiting for OSHA (Oh-boy, Scaffolding Hazard Awaits) approval. :ladder:


You know the drill.
• Evergreen Styrene Rod (218) .020” (0.50mm)
• Evergreen Sheet Styrene (9009) .005" Thick (0.13mm)

Below: Reference image is borrowed from the outstanding ‘Lucious Lady’ build thread over at ‘AreoScale.’

(Image for reference only)

Happy scratch-building!