Sd.Ah. 115 10 ton trailer from Das Werk

You’re welcome Mike. Markings for this very same trailer (WH 80834) are included on Das Werk decals sheet.


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Well Frenchy I already mounted another license plate and numbered my trailer as unit 4 but I guess I will be changing the plate! Maybe.

But I truly appreciate all your help. I just wish I had asked the question sooner. - Darn.

Outstanding job so far Mike. This is like a dissertation on a specific German trailer lol. The attention to detail and knowledge is very thorough. Again great job !

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Thank You Richard


Finally got around to the housekeeping duties of decals, taillight, license plate and weathering of that rear axle and fender assembly;


This trailer appears to have been to some fairly dusty recovery locations. However, that seems to be the general “look or condition” of all the 115s as seen in the many reference photos posted in this thread.
– Weathering here is a combination of both Citadel brand washes and Pastel Chalks.


Mike is back!

Glad to see you doing another highly informative build blog. What comes next?


Hello Angel!

Not sure what comes next. This one was just a kind of restart project for me after spending the last year involved in railroad modeling and volunteering at a local Mom & Pop train store.

Ever since I started this thread with its’ “side show” of various trailers I have been thinking of you.

I think we definitely need to see a Bread Oven/Baking Trailer or a big Air Compressor Trailer appear here just to present the broader “Trailer” story.
(Weren’t you doing a Searchlight or an Acoustic Tracking Device trailer as well???)


I keep thinking we need a “Conversions and Scratch builds” thread in the new site :wink:

Because you “owned” the one on the old site I think it is fair that you resurrect it here.

We can post everything we built and showed on the old site.
That will be a good start for the thread and I’m sure we’ll find a lot of contributors too. Just hinting :grin:

Yeah, I built all of them plus:

  • the Pf.11 Pontonwagen
  • a Sd.Anh.51, that carries Maschinensatz 85V 8kW,

I have also a started, but not finished Sd.Anh.104 that will carry the FuMG 39D Wuerzburg radar, I built last year.

Will start soon the Einheitsanhaenger 5t. from Das Werk

And have plans to build

  • a Sd.Anh.13 with a 100 PS Motorboot 28 or 41, I’m collecting info and was promised some measurements by a modelling buddy from Germany,
  • the Rohrkarren, that carried the barrel of the 10.5 cm Schwere Feldkannone 18(the guy, who casts OKB Grigorov’s resin parts agreed to cast the required wheels for me).

So plenty of trailers- I just love them!



(Angel; Let’s just keep this between me and you . . but the Allies had trailers TOO!)

Link to archive:


I have to admit I would probably enjoy restarting the “Scratch Built and Conversions” thread again!

Here is the link to the archive:


I know Mike!

But it somehow happened, that my country’s Army first had only German ones, then only Soviet ones. And when the later happened, it was impossible to call them Allied trailers anymore :wink: :grin:


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So much research and detailing going into this build, stunning! :+1:

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bwilt - This trailer caught my eye many years ago and I had planned on scratch building one of my own eventually. I have therefore been amassing research for sometime now and then the Das Werk kit came along so I was very ready to build this one and perhaps improve on it where possible.

Still working on more detailing of that upper deck.

That Tamiya Pz. II model was built over 30 years ago, so please be kind with you comments,


Suggested starting reference for German Military Trailers from Schiffer Publications.

  • Good reference for viewing the wide variety of German military types.
  • Not so good as a construction reference because it offers only one photo per Sd.Ah. type.
  • As to printing and photo quality the interior pages are rather poor printing quality.
  • Still a good starting point for the subject.
  • Inexpensive price <$10.

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Additional Details I need to Add:

Apparently the trailer deck had at least four tie-down hooks that I will need to be adding.



Those rear tie-down chains have to be hooked to something!

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