Sherman kits

The boss lady has given me “permission” to buy a new kit. Hmmmm?

Any way. I’m looking at Sherman kits. Who makes the “best” Sherman kit in 1/35’. I want detail and not a shake the box kit. Interior would be nice.

At the moment I’m looking at the Dragon M4A3E8. Kit #6183. Is there a ‘better’ option?

Caveat - I’ve only built a RFM Panzer iv J. And I’m halfway through a RFM Tiger 1. The goal is to have a main tank from Germany, Russia and the Allies. Tiger 1, T34 and Sherman. I’m looking at the Miniart Lee/Grant.


Sherman fire fly ?

Al Patterson
Umiujaq, Qc J0M 1Y0

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If you are after a M4A3E8 then my suggestion would be the Tamiya kit. It has good detail and no construction issues. I have built the Dragon kit rate it a complex kit. It uses metal springs and tubes to make the suspension fully articulate. The Asuka/Tasca M4A3E8 would be a good second choice to the Tamiya kit. Have fun!
Jim Z

Thanks. Im not fussy about which Sherman. Im just after a Sherman that will give me a good build experience. A fire fly would be nice. Interior would be nice. Just a good representation of a Sherman.
The Dragon kit appeals if it is “complex”. Yes I’m a masochist!!!

Rye Field already has that masochist option for you, sir.

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Dinocamo I was avoiding the RFM kit!! I have a few RFM in my stash. I love em but I’m sort of wondering if I’m missing out with other manufacturers. Or are RFM kits the ‘best’?


Oh yeah?

Canmedic I said I’m a masochist. Not my credit card. :thinking:


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I don’t know about the best but 5042 is the only kit with an plastic interior as I recall.

When talking about Sherman tanks there is a lot of detail that many plastic manufacturers leave out given the complexity of model versions and manufacturers which makes the detail requirement difficult to address. A link to help with the 1:1 versions.

I built the Tasca/Asuka Easy 8 and their Firefly,both a good mix of being buildable and nicely detailed.

If you want lots of detail, the RFM M4A3 (76) A (it says it’s an M4A3E8 but that’s not entirely accurate) is a sure bet. A bit pricier, but it’s got EVERYTHING. No detail was left out.


All the Asuka kits are very nice, very accurate and very buildable. If you want an interior then the RFM kit is the way to go.

I agree with SSG Toms. An Asuka Firefly is great (It is British not American) Dragon Shermans are Good. The Taniya M4A3E8 is good. None have interiors though. The Miniart Grant (it is British) is good and has an interior but… it is a cousin to a Sherman, and not a Sherman. The Miniart Lee is American and has an interior I believe but again it is not a Sherman.

I’ve built the RFM E8 kit (without interior) and it was superb! But the tracks will try the patience of a saint - not too difficult, but tons of parts to clip, clean, and assemble. The newer Tamiya E8 is great, and has band-tracks to save your sanity. I’ve had nothing but hurt from DML Shermies over the years - their hull parts never seem to fit without a hammer. Tasca/Asuka kits are great, and the VVSS ones come with band tracks that make life easy. (Their E8 track needs lots of bits glued to a band, so is a half-way house between Tamiya and RFM.)

Somewhere on the old archived Armorama site are reviews I did of Tasca and RFM Shermies if you want to do the research…

We don’t have that much of M4A3 76 variant in comparison to other Sherman model, let alone interior option.

All of the top brand options are good, and they have a lot of after market addon and therefore making them pretty much the same.

Keeping it simple .
Rye Field or Tasca

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll stick my neck out again and get the RFM ‘Fire Fly’. Then again maybe the RFM full interior kit. Maybe. But I would like to try a Meng or Dragon kit. Then again …Darn. Why is it harder the decide which kit than it is to build them?


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Ryefield Sherman with full interior. Fantastic, challenging, and worthwhile.


Neat job. Yes I think you have tipped me over the top with the interior kit.



you are aware that the Tamiya kit is really an Asuka / Tasca kit? That being said, both brands are great kits. I have not built the RFM kit, but plan on doing one in the future. I think Meng does a Fire Fly, but could also be dead wrong. Each kit has it’s little issues to deal with (Asuka’s suspension is a pain) I’m not exactly in love with the Tamiya / Asuka tracks, but they do look the part.

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