Shunting Loco

This build is for the Inaugural Railway Campaign

I decided to create a blog so I don’t clog the main campaign thread with too much mumbo-jumbo. This project is based on the designs of Locotractors and Trackmobiles.

Kits used will be these:

Mainly the forklift and then parts from the other two kits.

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Basically the parts that will be used to establish the tractor wheels and rail traction gear.

Building the traction differentials from the Tramcar kit is a breeze. Excellent fit and intelligent locations for the ejection pin marks. Details look good as well.

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Road wheels need arms so I dug out a Tamiya M2 Bradley lower hull. The suspension arms were a perfect size for this project so I started cutting them out.


I can’t see the pivot hub on the arm so I extended them using the wheel axles from the other arms.
Glued them together then pinned them with brass rod.

Much better. Now I can see them which will be more interesting for the model.


The road wheels and their articulating arms along with the rail traction wheels and the whole under carriage subassembly is starting to come together.


Wow! That’s clever. Great idea.

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I count four colors of plastic. Can’t wait to see more as assembly progresses.

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HI KSO, great project - nice mixing and matching. Looking forward to seeing you pull this together -


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Thank you, Gentlemen. Tonight’s activities will include final positions of the chassis for alignment of the hydro cylinder actuators for the road wheel arms.

Working on the traction wheels. I bought two really expensive styrene sheets but they included a free new car! I used this thin sheet material to make discs to cover the outboard side of the traction wheels to mount the hubs and ‘drive cones?’ that will drive the road wheels by friction.

Parts G62 and G63 from the Feldumschlaggeät was used to make the road wheel drive cones.


Grab handle making tool was used to make the grip for the road wheel drive cones.


Ok, progress …

Thanks for looking


The hydraulic cylinders for the road wheel arms in brass was a fail. I need to set up a soldering station for brass fabrication.

So, until then, I made new ones this morning from the sprue pieces from a couple different kits. Completing these now so hopefully these will work in plastic.


Man, those road wheel arms look awesome. The wheel centers look flawless.

You are making a real gem.

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Thank you for the comment. I’m getting the road wheel assemblies done this weekend.

Hydraulic cylinders installed this morning. They will articulate not in speech but in action


Wow, they look as cool as the music sounds :smiley:

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Thank you for the compliment. :smile:

Now finally working on mounting the traction wheel assemblies under this thing.

^ Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, RIP

The traction wheels were figured out and installed. The drive traction wheel truck had to slide in and out to contact the rear road wheels to drive on the road. I used the vertical slide rails from the fork lift kit and cut them down to fit this function.
The front traction wheel truck is now cemented and curing.

I hope this actually works as planned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for looking!