Signs of the Big Headed Modeler

The Tell Tale Sign of the Big Headed Modeler…

This morning started perfectly, my fiance was at school and a full day of modeling was on the horizon :blush::smiley:

Put on my trusty OptiVisor and the plastic frame of the visor snapped!

As Yoda might say,“The into floor it crashed. Panic, I did.”

Attempting a super glue and Metheal-Acetate repair.

Apparently squeezing around my big head was just too much for the old visor…lol

Couldn’t help but see a bit of humor in in the event and wanted to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Wondering if melting the 2 pieces together with a soldering iron might work or
perhaps the polyurethane Gorilla glue would hold the parts, if all else fails.
Good luck and have a great day!

@Grauwolf Joe, that an excellent idea and will give it a try. I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to break it again!

No plan survives contact with the enemy. :grin:


I broke mine last year. I tried the CA glue, but I knew it wouldn’t hold.
I just wrapped some tape around it and it works fine.


In my opinion the best you can do is replace it. Just look for a new head you like, and fits the optivisor, and forget about the old one.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This nifty product provides a life time supply of durable headbands:

and for a slightly more stylish look there is this beauty:

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You need to apply the Possum Lodge approved fix…

Red Green and Duct Tape


Robin, absolutely perfect for the Marques de Sade version of the OptiVisor.

@Armorsmith - or apparently with my noggin

@Petro & @SdAufKla - yes definitely need to reinforce with tape to reduce flexing at the break. Duct tape will add that perfect detailed touch :slight_smile:
Possum Lodge for the win!

@varanusk - excellent idea! Just ordered replacement heads from Hornet, hopefully I find one I like that fits visor better👍

Moving to stage 2 repairs - reinforce with sheet styrene & black rubber super glue from both sides and clamp.

Got to love that state of the art NASA approved Possum Lodge clamp :slight_smile:

Stage 3 Final repair with duct tape :slight_smile:


Can’t be too serious - you haven’t broken out the metal plates and pop-riveter!

Remember: WD40 for things that don’t move when they should, and duct tape for things that move when they shouldn’t…


or the floor apparently :yum::sunglasses:

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My absolutely favorite all time show. Wish it was still on the air. Two shows at a time is a perfect way to wind down after a day of dealing w/challenging situations/people!!

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Their silicone spray is a better choice as it doesn’t leave a residue like the water displacer people normally buy.

No matter which repair method you’ve chosen… if the hinge-point still moves, paint it OD… if it doesn’t move, paint it OD. 🫒

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Murphy’s law at work. Seems to always happen to me. I get a day with no plans, wife out of the house, and chores done where I can get a good 7-8 hours in if I want, and boom whatever I need for the day doesn’t work. Compressors stops working only to be fine later that night, realize I’m out of glue, etc.

My solution to ever-declining eyesight was to take a pair of Dollar-store eyeglasses and tape the lenses of a second pair over them. They may be crude, but they work as well as an Optivisor. Total investment: US$2.00

And they are stylish too!



This was not what I thought the thread was about from its title. I thought it would be how to spot a modeler with a huge ego like at a show or something. This is waaaaay better :grin:


@TimReynaga Tim, that’s both the most stylish visor I’ve ever seen and no doubt the lightest weight too. It’s patent worthy! I’d definitely go for one in Darth Vader classic black and silver:)

@justsendit Mike, excellent point I wouldn’t want it to rust OD paint is in order!

@McRunty Rory, well there is a story that comes to mind about this guy who always brought between 35 to 40 airplanes :airplane: of all types to local shows. He was a little too enthusiastic talking :airplane::small_airplane::flight_arrival: airplanes. Once he started talking to you about airplanes it was next to impossible to escape. So a special signal was arranged among the most frequent targets of the airplane talks, to signal other modelers in the know to signal one was in need of rescue. Basically a secret sign :seat:Ejection Seat :seat:for the conversation.

The signal was used for many years with about a 65% chance of success. He was so focused on talking planes, I don’t think he ever noticed.

He was definitely a good guy, a credit to the hobby and good modeler. He was very intensely interested in his favorite subject.

I’ve always wondered if he was key player in the invention of the Collections category.


I will take enthusiasm over ego and arrogance any day. People who want to share their love of something are always a joy to speak to, even if sometimes you do need to use the :seat: