Sounds of rotor slap Blackhawks

Sitting hear doing my Sturmtiger and start to hear a heli coming. my wife laughs at me because I will usually get up when I hear the pitch and I try and pre guess whats flying over.

We are not in a normal military flight line so maybe twice a year see and hear military ones. This one was stumping me before seeing it kinda. Well dang 4 Blackhawks flying over. Heading towards decatur from Dallas. Curious…

Last year it was 3 Chinooks coming from that direction. :arrows_counterclockwise: :left_right_arrow:

If they’re coming from Dallas, could they have been flying out of JNRB Ft. Worth? My brother lives next to the main gate of the base, and we usually see F-22s and F-35s taking off and landing there, since LockMart has the main assembly plant there.

But we also see 'hawks and 'hooks flying out of there from time to time.

yeah thats whats weird on this one. draw a line from downtown Dallas straight to Wichita and you would get it direction going over Flower Mound. Unless flight line traffic has them turning later? Was thinking possibly picking up Ukraines from commercial flight to take to OK for training? But just throwing darts.

Nothing out of the realm of possibility. Keeping it on the down-low and taking them straight to base to keep media exposure to a minimum.

Closest military base would be Ft. Sill, which is about 3 hours by car from DFW; flying them in would take far less than that.

maybe this, not saying its for sure at all. Starting last Tuesday.

Our news in Oklahoma has been mentioning that Ukrainian soldiers were coming to Ft. Sill to learn some of the US equipment that is being sent over.

It all makes sense now. It would be safer and less conspicuous to ferry these soldiers via helicopter instead of a bunch of white vans with gov plates across I-35.

Specially how people drive like morons in North Texas… (Sorry! it had to be said).

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Uhm, living in Oklahoma, I would rather drive in North Texas. As a retired police officer, I know how bad the drivers are in Oklahoma!

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I live under the flight path of this outfit. They fly constantly.

Ah. MDW; the Army’s own charter service for the big wigs in DC and Belvoir. All of the air traffic over my house comes from Davis-Monthan AFB and the CBP Air & Marine guys flying surveillance over the US/Mexico border.

One of the aviators from Davison used to live on my street and took great pleasure flying his 60 right over his house….with the pitch of the main rotor shaking everything in the neighborhood.

Not to mention the CH46s and V22s that fly up
I95 twice a day from Quantico to the Pentagon.
And HMX white tops.


The Shithooks come from the old Dallas Naval Air Station in Grand Prairie. I gave their pilots Pistol PMI last year before they deployed. They used to have Blackhawks there years ago, but not any more, although they are certainly set up for them to make a pit stop.


You naughty boy!
Discourse does not allow the usage of the s h i t word so I had to
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Didn’t want to remove the offending letters since they belonged in the context.
Colloquial expression for Chinooks, used by those in the trade, I presume

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Man this scene is one of the all time best for any movie. just the dance the heli’s do to start taxiing is beautiful to see.

I tried to fly Apache’s when I was younger and enlist. Flight surgeon kept me out because of a frequency I couldnt hear. Recruiter had me see a few flight surgeons at Fort Sam. Has tubes put in my ear by an Air Force surgeon around 6 years old. Diagnosed damage was probably from that.



I never get tired of hear rotor slap unless its from some dinky private chopper news chopper or police usually. Unless maybe a jet ranger. The careflights hauling ass flying low sound good also.


I won’t mention what Marines that ride the CH53 call it.


Trash hauler. :sunglasses:


I live in Galway, Ireland and commonest helicopter sounds are Irish Coastguard Sikorsky S92s heading towards the hospital. Usually vibrating our roof tiles as it goes over.

I can hear them from a long way out. It’s an ominous sound though, particularly at night because you know it’s out there because someone is in trouble.

They’re impressive machines. I’m surprised they haven’t been acquired by the Marines for POTUS.

They are working on it in the VH-92 program.

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Usually Marine One is a type in service with the US military, that is then modified with all of the required equipment for the role. But at least the basic airframe type is in service and in the logistics system somewhere in the DoD. If a VH-92 is created, will one of the services be adopting the type? Somebody has to school train the operators and maintainers and all of the usual stuff that goes on with US military aircraft.