Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144)

“They” were checking up on their Special Experiment born in June the previous year, but due to abysmal incompetence they snafu’d the landing. If I told you who the Special Experiment was “they” would take me back to the Mother Ship, but take a wild guess :thinking:

OMG, don’t make it so complicated, it just gives more room for further unnecessary speculation.

Amigo, were you at? On another vacation already.

Hi Mike,

you should have a look into your WhatsApp messenger. up040577.gif

Hello friends,

indeed, it was a fantastic vacation and the discovering of the KSC Visitor Complex step by step during my Mission STS-2023 was a complete success, more than I ever expected or dreamed of.

The support from my friends Mike Robel and his family, Pad 39B old hand James MacLaren and Richard Chamberlain was great, I couldn’t have asked for better tour guides.

Mike Robel and his wife, visiting the Canaveral National Seashore with me.

James MacLaren and Mike Robel, on the way back after watching the overwhelming Psyche Mission Launch.

Richard Chamberlain and me next to the front section of a B-52 in the War Bird Museum in Titusville.

And here are a few snapshots from the KSC Visitor Complex. Of course, a photo of me in front of the NASA Meatball right at the entrance should not be missing from the photo collection.

An awesome view from the spectacular Helicopter Ride,

and during the KSC Explore Tour.

At the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB),

near Launch Pad 39-A,

at the beginning of the Orbiter Access Arm (OAA),

with the White Room.

Visiting the Atlantis Hall with greetings from her majesty.

The legendary Shuttle fleet.

Last not least some new pictures for my Filder Space Center Gallery.

Maybe I also should write a travel report.


That looks like an absolutely fantastic trip with some amazing pictures…very envious :+1::+1:

Thanks John,

you hit the nail and that’s why it’s clear to me that it won’t be the last time I’ve visited the KSC, especially since I’m interested closer in many details than was previously possible.

The mere fact that my two friends Mike Robel and James MacLaren have seen it all, including launches, dozens of times and may have surprised my curiosity and obsession with taking photos and making videos more than thrilled them, has noticeably limited my resting time for observation of special places and details, what has become even clearer to me in retrospect.

And as a model maker, I see everything anyway through a slightly different lens than the more or less interested “KSC tourist”.

The abundance of exhibitions and exhibits is enormous, and one is simply overwhelmed by it on the first visit.

That’s why I’m looking forward to my Return to KSC Tour, as long as I stay fit.

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Maybe I might have about 2 dozen CD’s worth of photos from all my inspections you might be able to borrow…or, send you email files of those same missions I made files of on my computer.

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Interesting to know, John, have you good HiRes. photos from the STS-6 too?

I only have photos from STS 114 to STS 135.

Hi John,

there are tons of great photos from the last Shuttle missions, but unfortunately they don’t help me much because in 1983 during STS-6 mission a lot of assemblies on the Launch Pad as well as on the Crawler and the MLP looked different.

Many components were subsequently modified and are therefore less helpful to my project. Unfortunately, there are only very few good detailed photos of the STS-6.

Nevertheless, thank you for your tip.

Hello my friends,

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are doing well.

I have just started my German travel report, so my construction report with the Payload Canister will continue soon too.
Best wishes and a Happy New Year.


Just stopping in to say Hello. The German Travel Report must be going wonderfully as it has been several days and no new post. I hope the New Year has brought you fun and excitement in your trip. See you when you are back on here.

Hi Mike,

yep, my travel report is more work than I thought because I have to sort and upload a lot of pictures and videos, but I hope you all enjoy it, even though it’s only in German.

Did you read my last post from the day before yesterday?

Here you can see two videos.


Beautiful videos. Only problem I see…it’s not displayed in my house. :laughing:

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Nice vids.

Thanks Mike and John for liking my KSC videos.

For anyone interested in my travel report, here is the Raumcon link, but unfortunately only in German.

But you can have it translated or just look at the images and videos, that will be enough entertainment, I think, until we continue with the Payload Canister.

Enjoy all and have fun.