Special Forces GMV Afghanistan

I built this model quite some time ago:

Some might remember the blog on the old forums:


Now I’m hoping to finish of the model by making a base with some figures.

The figures I’m using are excellent Evolution Miniatures reviewed here:

I decided to replace the weapons with Live Resin offerings which are a bit more detailed:

This is a scene I had in mind… Afghanistan terrain:



@Maki I’ll be watching this post. As I’m working in something similar I’ll use your posts as reference.

After a while, here’s an update. The Live Resin M4s:

and the first figure done:



Amazing work, Mario!!!

Nice model, great figure, looking forward to see the others painted.

Grtx Jan

Thanks guys!


great work!

I have to ask what colors/paints did you use for the figures 3 tone desert pants? I’m trying to paint some figures myself but i can’t figure out the paint matches for the life of me

Chris, I painted with Humbrols. Still my favorite brand for brushpainting.

3-color DBU colors are:

121 + 84 (sand)
121 + 117 (greenish tone)
186 + 121 (brown).

Hope it helps,

Thanks maki…awesome work by the way :+1: