Stryker Campaign Thread

I need to get me one of these while I can…Anyone know the kit number for the giant robot? :flushed:

Excellent Job on the Carrier nonetheless. :+1: :+1: :nerd_face:


Excellent job, Jan! :star_struck:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks, still have to finish it.
participate will help

It’s a weird box art for a normal AFV…

It was used in one of the latest Transformers movies.

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I have made some progress, added rear tailgate, winch and base color.
I have also removed the two extinguishers of the Fire Suppression System: they need reworking because they are too tall, I’ll add them again at a later stage

more in the next post


in the meantime, I have also completed the design of the AC external unit used in MGS Stryker;
it was sitting in my pipeline since long and it was time to finish it.
(it’s available at Shapeways in case someone is interested)


Thanks for your effort! :+1:

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Liking what I am seeing. :+1: :+1:

Woohoo! When I’m fully solvent again, Imma get me a few of those AC units.

I have received the DVH update set that Galactica has on Shapeways. The design and print quality is first rate. Although I am building the Trumpeter MEV, most of the parts are still usable even though they were designed for a different kit. Great Work!!


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To boost the campaign a little, I like to show some images of some of my Stryker build- the M1130 CV with WIN-T advanced communications system.


As anticipated in the previous post, here is a quick list of what I have used for my model so far:

  • the base kit is the M1130 by AFC Club (with hindsight I’d better have used the M1126 kit, always by AFV)
  • then I have designed and 3D printed at Shapeways some parts to convert a 1st generation Stryker into the new Double V-Hull model (also known as DVH).
    I have designed only the most visible changes (see picture below as a reference) and the new exhaust deflector.

By the way, thanks to HermannB and GBRAME for their posts about this conversion set.

  • I have also designed and 3D printed the anti-blast amour (available at

  • driver armored protection and BFT antenna+mount are by Blast Models (essential add-on’s if you want to make such a model).

  • AFV Club “sticker for simulating anti-reflectionm coating lens” (p/n AC35011): they replicate very well the changing color effect of the lens and can be used also in other models

In all the pictures of the vehicles that I want to replicate, I have seen that the slat armour has been completely removed except for a part attached to the tailgate; again, I turned back to the computer
to 3D design it.


That´s one of my planned builds. That blast shield will be useful here.

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Minor progress on my M1130 WIN-T. Will add the Harris whip antenna after painting and finishing.

Used parts:
AFV Club M1130
Blast Models DEK and BFT and components of M151 Protector
Voyager Model antennas.


Lookin’ mighty fine! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks Richard!
Nothing beats like working with good references.


@HermannB its all fun in games to have that on your truck until it’s the Battalion Commanders truck and non of the upper TI works at all.

I don´t care if it works as long as I have access to it. :grin:
Another one on bench. M1128 MGS with all the mods done for a 2019 truck. I still have to decide if i replace the A/C unit with Shapeways.

The more “serious” problem is where I get the proper decals for 2CAV trucks.


For Greg Copplin:

M1296 Dragoon stuck in a ditch in deep snow. Soon to be pulled out by the winch of another M1296.