Sturmtiger RFM 5035


Which town you in? I’m in Maunu and had the heavens wash through this place, it was near biblical.
Keep up the build, I’m sorely tempted to grab the Sturmtiger myself.

I’m in Napier, the mother in law’s orchard and house went 2.5m underwater during cyclone gabrielle, so she’s been living with us for the last 3 months. The poor lady was living alone on the orchard and swam off of her property at 3am… at the ripe age of 74!


The use of clear green in periscopes is vastly overdone. On the other hand, blue should not be used at all.

Hi Ken, I like that this kit comes with clear moulded periscopes, generally bonus points to kit makers who supply the this way. I just received Tamiyas Brummbar late kit, and disappointingly the periscopes are moulded in the usual Tamiya yellow!

I’m not sure what the best colour would be to paint the periscopes? they seem to be clear glass in real life? Sometimes they ‘seem’ to carry a green’ish tinge as per image below, perhaps due to the grey surround.


It also seems that the exterior of the periscopes are always a dark gun metal colour, and never painted in the vehicles primary exterior colour?

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Hi David, the thing that i’m confused about is that RFM supplies an unusual periscope at the commanders location. They supply a part that does not have a slanted back side on the part of the periscope outside of the vehicle, which is what one would expect and what you describe in your link. See markup below:

In other locations of the kit (driver) they supply a more usual periscope, slanted top and bottom.

It seems RFM thinks something different happens here?

I guarantee you that RFM are making a mistake here. I reviewed some of their Tiger kits and they really don’t know as much as they pretend to. For example, Tiger “131” in the UK has a control box added inside it for a modern fire extinguisher system, and RFM copied that box into ALL of their Tiger interior kits.

This periscope in the Sturmtiger was a standard 2-part vertical periscope. The casing is made of “bakelite” and is generally dark brown.


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David is the expert on German stuff, so I will defer to him on the German periscopes/optics. What I know about them comes from museums and photos.
My experence comes from US periscopes, which are mostly made from plexiglass/perspex. Plexiglass is very clear. Actual glass, including window glass, is made from sand and has a fine green tint to it. You can really see it if you at the glass edgewise. Normally you cannot see it unless the glass is really thick or you are looking through it from an angle. That’s why I say green is overdone.
For me, if the periscope is clear, I leave it clear or use a little black/smoke tint. If it is regular plastic, like Tamiya, I paint it gloss black.