Summer Nostalgia!

Group Build Title: Summer nostalgia

Group Build Leader(s): @RonW

Group Build Description: A fun, short summerly campaign. Nothing too fancy (probably). Just relaxing. Keep it simple.
Build a kit, original release date pre-2000 and do so during the summer. Whether on holiday or at home, in the garden or on the beach, during a barbecue or when having a drink. Just watch out with the sharpies. :wink:


Event Details: Any kit is allowed, as long as it is originally from before the year 2000. It is ok when a few parts have been assembled, but it should be about the building, not finishing. That’s what the “unfinished business”-campaign is for.
Aftermarket and PE are allowed too, preferably following the same rules.

Completion Award: Thanks to @petbat we now have a medal too!

A Note about Awards: The following text is a reminder that in order for people participating and finishing their projects to receive a badge on their forum profile, they will need to provide their account username to the group build leader by the completion date of the build. The leader will then provide this list to the site admin who will bulk award the badges to those users who have finished the group build. If you don’t provide your username or finish the project on the timetable the leader has setup you will not be able to receive an award.

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Good idea. I’m in with Revell’s 1/48 Mustang originally molded in 1977.

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Sounds fun! The '90s were a real golden age for modeling, with some serious improvements in kit manufacturing. A nice, easy Hasegawa Hurricane, Accurate Miniatures Allison Mustang, or Tamiya 1/48 F4U would indeed be a fun break! Of course, I have way too much going on already, but still…

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be doing either Tamiya’s M3 Stuart or the M8 howitzer.

Mine will probably be Tamiya panzer IV ausf D kit🧐

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Might be in with Tamiya F-51D Korea war. Molded in 1996

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How about:

Mr Peabody and Sherman is some Nostalgia of its own, but the ‘Wayback Machine’ can take you back to 2000 or further…

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I do not know this particular cartoon, but it looks fun.
Bit like Dexter’s lab.

@petbat I sent you a message!

Peabody’s improbable History was a 1960’s short cartoon that was part of the line up in ‘The Adventures Rocky and Bullwinkle’ Show. It was syndicated in many countries.

Reply sent


I had the idea, Peter made it possible!


I better join in the fun too. Tamiya Schutzenpanzer Marder released in 1977.
My kit has been collecting dust for at least 30 years.

I have a RB Model barrel, AFV Club Diehl 828 tracks and an Eduard set to use on it. The latter is for the 1A2 kit, but I will only be using select bits.

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Oy Vey, like I don’t have too many projects already. :roll_eyes: I’ve got plenty of candidates for this one; an Entex 1/72 F4F-4, with folding wings ($1.49 on the carton), a RoG Spanish Galleon, an Airfix 1/72 Me-262 bagged kit, Airfix O-1 Bird dog ($5 sticker), several Airfix SB2Cs, a Frog 1/72 F6F-3, a Hawk 1/72 XF-92 and probably a dozen more I can’t see just now. :wave:


Looking forward to that one! I built one eons ago.

This will be no. 3 for me. I built the first one around 1979.

I am in! I will do an old school matchbox kit. Maybe a Me 262.

Great and funny initiative :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe if I can build it as I did when I was a kid? Lots of bare plastic, glue runs and finger marks on every surface, paint slathered around wildly but none on the interior? That’s pretty much what happens nowadays anyway but I’ve got out of the habit of cutting round the waterslide decals and glueing them on. My declining skills are returning me childish standards. I’ve heard of a person with encroaching senile dementia being described as “entering their second childhood” but no-one can say that of me as I never left my first… On another group I once said my lifetime objective was to go direct from adolescence to senility without an intervening period of maturity; I was promptly bombarded with messages congratulating me on achieving my goal…




I thinking a Tamiya Ford GPA maybe with the Eduard set, not sure which one I have 1997 or 2001.


There was only one kit until the 2008 re-issue with ICM Russian figures, Ryan. It is the same base kit in any case.

It is the 2014 issue that is different to the original as it comes with a re-worked A sprue with the engine deck hatch open and a separate engine hatch on the new sprue C, which also has simplified engine parts. It also has different figures included to the previous releases.

Close the hatch and leave out the engine, and you are back just where it all started. Looking forward to seeing you build it.

I decided to fix a few errors on my original and use the Voyager etch set:



Great to see folks hop on board!
That GPA looks good and it still is on my wishlist… but then again, so many others are as well.


Noice. I think I have one of each Tamiya boxing but need to check.