Think I’ll just sit here and admire the float rigging! :sewing_needle:



Hi Mike,

I’m changing the X rigging to 0.5mm brass tubes. The EZ-Line is too skinny. Thank you Sir.


Loving the detail you are putting into this HG, looking forward to seeing the next update!


Welcome back to Sunderland. The big bright ball is a shining and the temperature is as if you walked from one room to another.

Quick update on the construction of our latest flying vacation transporter.

DSC04877 (Small)

The right wing needs the connecting inserts to be filed in order for proper forward alignment.

DSC04878 (Small)

Material also has to be removed from the back tip of the fuselage for it to pivot up.

DSC04879 (Small)

Lacquer filler will fix the sink line.

DSC04880 (Small)

The left wing needs the same work. Minor stuff really, just time consuming.

More soon when the glue hardens enough for sanding. Huge thanks to Sunward Hobbies for shipping my supplies so well and quickly! God bless Everyone.


You don’t hear that very often in the UK lol…
The big S is looking good though… It is a fair old size. Be great to see the cam colours on it … Lovely masking as well :+1:


Thanks @Johnnych01

John, I had to put a slight pause on the masking to rectify the wing errors. With a 48cm wingspan in 1/72, can you imagine this in 1/48 WHOA!


Nice work on the Sunderland, HG! What’s the white masking tape you use?

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Thanks @BlackWidow

Torsten, it’s the super thin flexible tape used in autobody repair shops to make pin stripes. Tamiya make a similar white flexible tape as does Mr. Hobby, but theirs’s is blue. I’ll show you more on this soon.



Torsten, here are all the different trim and flexible tape brands I use (from left to right) Tamiya, automotive, Mr. Hobby, Artists supply store, and hobby store PACTRA. The PACTRA is ultra thin and the top three widths are flexible, but very sticky and almost permanent.

DSC04881 (Small)


Please watch for updates all day.

DSC04882 (Small)

It’s time to get a solid footing under this heavy lifter. I love this shape making tool. Sure it is crude and not very accurate, but it only needs to work.

DSC04883 (Small)

No more rockin’ and spinin’ around. This will make sanding, masking and painting sooooooo much easier.

Thanks Guys and Gals for dropping by.


Hey Guys and Gals,

Would you prefer a multi picture update update or the quicker updates?

DSC04884 (Small)

The wing roots are now smooth, or at least to the touch. I began with 400 and moved to 600 then 800 and finished with 1500 grit. It’s interesting how the left wing had a better micro fit. Regardless, this is a super fun kit to build for all ages. Let’s get back to masking.

PLEASE NOTE: I paid for this kit and all the supplies needed, plus I send funds to KitMaker each month (more than a monthly Patreon payment). NOTHING was donated, as an acquaintance inquired because of me thanking certain entrepreneurs (I support any company from around the globe that care about their customers). Sorry for the mini rant, but I wanted to set the record straight.


Any updates get my vote and its looking very cool at the moment HG. I dont think its an issue thanking a supplier … shout outs can help the moel shops/stores/suppliers if we as users know they produce the goods and provide good service. I for one would rather use someone a peer recommends in here than go in blind and possibly get ripped off by some unknown internet firm/shop… just my 2 pence worth.


Thanks @Johnnych01

John, I can’t remember the number of times when I ordered multiple things and some were broken. Paint all over the place and of course an apology letter from the Post saying “damaged in shipping”. It really sucks because you can’t go down to a local shop and buy what you need. That’s why I always pay a few extra bucks to the stores who do give a s*%t. As with you, do want a smooth rock thrower or a thrown together something that fits in a tube. You know what I mean.


Like John, whatever installment you like I am watching. Unless Jim (site owner) is asking questions, I wouldn’t worry about others issues with how you post. Some people are just “Karen’s/Kevin’s” and cannot leave well enough alone.


It was NOT Jim. A few marketing firms that know zero about the hobby… sigh.


We have progress on Admiral Colin’s @ColinEdm heavy lifter.

The painting strategy is to do it in three phases.

DSC04885 (Small)

The “flexible” masking tape will bulge at tight curves. Snip the bulge and fold it upon itself. This is a common set of fine cutters.

DSC04886 (Small)

I’m using hand/camo putty which is great for all models. It cuts to size great and can be squeezed super thin for more control.

DSC04887 (Small)

The AK putty product is a bit stiffer than the two other products (from China) I have. This means it takes much longer to lose it’s shape and run away or ooze off the edges. Lay it down and spray right away though.

DSC04888 (Small)

Here’s phase one ready to be painted. Another beauty of this putty is that you can reuse it countless times.

DSC04889 (Small)

And phase two is complete. Fun stuff. Complements to Sunward Hobbies for getting this to me really fast. Here’s the link if you want to pick some up. AK Interactive Camouflage Elastic Putty AKI 8076 • Canada's largest selection of model paints, kits, hobby tools, airbrushing, and crafts with online shipping and up to date inventory.

God bless.


Very neat HG. Looks great buddy.

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Great stuff HG, love it! Your mini-tutorials are diamonds mate, keep them coming!

Cheers, D


Looking good HG! :cowboy_hat_face:

The camouflage putty looks interesting-usually I’d use blue tac but the other way around: run worms for the shape of the camo outline; then masking tape for the voids in between…

Nevertheless either way will get us to the finish line!

This is gonna turn out amazing-can’t wait to see her big reveal :star_struck:


I hear you with the blue or poster tac method, but @ColinEdm wanted a hard line. The blue tac gives a more feathered look. Because it’s a 1/72 a hard break between colours is better, hence the tape and putty. Thanks Brother.