Beautiful work HG!

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Thanks @ColinEdm @Johnnych01 @justsendit @Russelle and everyone who’s liked and commented. Plenty more to do still, but it’s shaping up to be a decent replica. Now for the fine touch-ups with the paint.

DSC04890 (Small)

I didn’t prime this model so I have to deal with the results of that. The paint-lifting will be corrected and ready for weathering.


I agree mate… 1/72 is a tricky beast when it comes to scale effect… I try to keep the weathering subdued and the blue tac worms quite small in diameter to keep the feathering to a minimum :hugs:

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Shame about the paint lift … Do you sometimes not prime then HG ? I know some dont ?

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It depends on the workload and how busy things are. Most of the time I prime the surface of major components. Small parts I flip a coin. This time the coin landed on its edge… UGH! Hence getting bitten by the third side of the gold coin. Not a problem, the hand painted touch-ups look fine. Besides there will be plenty of weathering on @ColinEdm Colin’s project.

DSC04918 (Small)

More later today. God bless.


The hand painted touch ups look better than my airbrushing lol… :+1:


No way HA HA.

Well that was a masterful recovery from the paint lifting… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Russelle Russ, sure am grateful this 1/72… whew!

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All these parts need the flash to be removed. It’s odd because the rest of the kit is almost clean (as you’ve seen). Oh well… on ward and upward. Friends, think about picking up some rubber coated handles for the grip. They make projects so much easier and fun to deal with.

DSC04920 (Small)

Huge thanks to Sunward Hobbies for getting my supplies shipped over to me super quick. Please consider supporting a family owned and run hobby shop. More soon and God bless.


Hi Everyone,

The Sunderland gets some effort on my day off.

DSC04972 (Small)

The insides of the cowls are aluminum, but the back end should be a little darker due to greases and oil stains.

DSC04973 (Small)

Time to dull coat the replica.

More pictures after the paint dries.


Clear coat added YAY!

DSC04974 (Small)


Thanks @Dioramatin. @Dioramartin

You’re most welcome HG…er…you mean thanks for saying nothing? Yeah I get that a lot…well, I would, except nobody says so…hmm you’ve sent me into a strange thought-loop now - quick, to the wine-cellar for the antidote… :wine_glass:

That’s better. Mmmm nice tempranillo, Spanish 2017…where was I? Ah yes…I have nothing to declare except your genius :clinking_glasses:


Cam has turned out great… Lovely design all over :+1:

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Hail fellow Sunderlandians,

These side and tail wheels are done.

DSC04975 (Small)

Mr. Color 327 red has a nice amount of black mixed into the red for the FS.11136 blend. It’s super tough to rind the right shade… sigh.

DSC04976 (Small)

I had to some (eh, em) masking to make these look authentic. There are many more colors to down.

DSC04977 (Small)

A grey pin wash to help filth the edges, looks pretty cool.

Sorry for the few pictures, yet many hours were invested to make a fellow modeler grin. God bless.


Thanks @Johnnych01 John! It took some time, but turned out alright I think. It sure will help with the huge decals.

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DSC04975 (Small)
Where did you get the parallel line/ width measurement ruler, please

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Hi Frank @frank ,

They are made by Voyager Models. Also, I really like the Alexen Models tools as well. There are several companies that make similar products and they are all great time savers and make the tasks more fun and glide smoothly.

DSC04978 (Small)


That’s weird, the text didn’t show up. I’ll try it again…

DSC05073 (Small)

Masking away for several hours on the black underside.

DSC05074 (Small)

All in a days work, as you all know.