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Hi all,
I just did my taxes yesterday and wow… the money is really not coming in like the old days. Most of that is my fault as I am not actively pursuing advertisers as I did in the past, but I still wanted to put this post out as we currently have 25 Patrons who are helping out and compared to the old site when I had usually 100+ PayPal subscribers (granted for only 3.50 per month).

Also it’s worth mentioning that two of our biggest advertisers are both located in Ukraine, so I don’t know when they will be in a position to support the site as they have been. It’s more than a bit concerning, etc.

So in short any help would be great. I just had to fork out $350 just this month for annual hosting of the archive sites. If you want to become a Patron you can do that here:

Or you can donate via PayPal (but without automated Patron status here in the forums)

And if you can’t help out monetarily we can always use more content and or staff volunteers for adding news, reviews, and features to the sites!

Best wishes,


Post address for contributions…


I think I just became a Patron, but not sure if i should see the patron thing by my name ?

or does it take a while to show up ?

i think of the key problems is the war and covid thay have pushed prices up. the increase in National Insurance here in the UK which is a tax used to help pay for our free medical care has just been increased, I’m now £45/$60 worse off a month not to mention that petrol/gasoline is about £1:86-$3.00 per litre so people are having to tighten their belts as costs are passed on to the consumer.

i see some of the model companies in Ukraine are back up and running especially those based in Kyiv.

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I’ve mentioned this to el jefe before: I’d be more than happy to pay for an Annual Subscription or to make a monetary donation — just no Monthly Subscriptions, please. … Take my Roubles!



I think you can pay annually. Do you mean like this?

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@staff_Jim, yes, an option to pay an annual fee via bank money order would be helpful$

@ kosprueone. You da man! That must be kinda’ newish. It wasn’t there when I last checked… admittedly, a very long time ago.

Got Patrón status now and I’m all AD FREE 'n SH…:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: uh… stuff!!!



And oh yeah… Nigerian Prince, you ain’t getting one round Rouble of my mattress stash! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mike, I am trying to work out how to get that patron badge next to my name, did yours go like it automatically ?

Edit, and I’m still getting the adds :rage:

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Yes. Possibly because I used ApplePay. :credit_card: Went like a Neptune Missile! :rocket:


I thought it might be a straight away thing. I definitely have the patron membership, and it says I’m a patron to kitmaker, but nothing has registered yet …

Hmmm… Did you get a confirmation e-mail? :thinking:

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Yeah, got that, confirmed it by resending, but still nothing. The kitmaker red tool bar on top of the page takes me straight to the patreon site and my membership page… Same as the confirmation email … It’s a bit odd…

Click on your profile and then preferences. Should be an option to change your title. Try there.

Nope, nothing :frowning:

Well, I do seem to recall having to authorize my payment twice. Still seems a bit of a clunker me thinks.

@ Jim. Light a fire under those Patreon Admins. When they fix these glitches, you’ll have the Roubles pouring in hand-over-fist!


Payment has been authorised and accepted… I will email Staff Jim if he has any idea and I will give it a day … My problem is I have zero tolerance for simple things that should go smoothly when I have done everything the system required (patron service not kitmaker )


And you’ve been taking the Queen’s shilling for how many years now?


Very good…:grin:

I was just thinking… scary.:thinking: Thought it might be browser related so I did some tests.

All the latest: MacOS, iOS, iPadOS
• Safari
• Firefox
• Chrome

All browsers show my status correctly. Sorry if that didn’t help.

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