T-34-85 Model 1944 Factory №174 RFM 5079

I don’t think there are right or wrong ways, just techniques to get the results desired in the finish.

There’s many ways to go about finishing a model. I’m not really into doing the new school Mig/Spanish method. I tend to favor an old school approach. So please consider that as what I say may not apply to your goals with finishing.

I like to work from dark to light generally speaking. I use enamels for basic paint because they can be directly mixed with oils paints for dry brushing. Usually that means base color plus a touch of Titanium White oil paint or yellow to lighten.


Likewise, with dry brushing, my goal is often to be subtle to help make an edge pop.

I won’t clutter your wonderful thread with my rambling on dry brushing. If the above is of interest, Old-school-shadow-painting-finishing might be worth a look.