Tamiya F4U-1D (1/48)

Tamiya F4U-1D (1/48). Painted with Arkom Dark Sea Blue. Weathering kept to a minimal, with only some light chipping as I was told latewar glossy sea blue planes were relatively clean if on carriers with the panel lines not really being noticeable. Went for a satin finish instead of glossy too.

Thanks for looking!


I need to build a Corsair. I’ve always liked the look of them. Yours is a beautiful rendition, thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful bird and a wonderful model. Engineering on it was great!

Panel lines are almost non-existent on Corsairs due to the skin being spot-welded on instead of all the rivets and such on more conventional craft. The manufacturing on it was very advanced.

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Nice job on your bird.

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Very nice built and finish ! Thanks for sharing

Thanks Phil, I really appreciate the kind words

Thanks Builder2010! I had to fight the urge of not applying a panel wash all over the model like I’m used to with armor/aircraft kits - while it does bring out the fine detail, it doesn’t look like the photos I’ve seen of it in action. Had to console myself with a bit of chipping instead - the armor modeller in me didn’t want to do at least a small amount of weathering :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch Gil! :slight_smile:

Thanks S Meunier! :slight_smile:

Awesome job on your Corsair. One of my favorite WWII fighters (there were so many good ones on both sides).



Didn’t there used to be a series on TV called ‘The Black Sheep’ or something like that? - I’m pretty sure they flew these aircraft.

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I think you got the look.

Really nice Corsair James.

Beautiful paint finish too.