Tamiya Frank

Hi Group,

Twenty-seven days ago I published my first model completed in years, Tamiya’s Raiden “Jack”.

It started out in 2020 for a campaign that I failed to complete. Now ‘Jack’s’ army cousin ‘Frank’ becomes completed model #2. ‘Frank’ also started for a campaign, the Steffen Arndt Memorial One True Scale Campaign) , which I also failed to complete, but then completed it for the latest Hanger Queen campaign, of which I shamelessly re-post here:

Friends, hobbyists, crew chiefs, lend me your screen. I have come to present ‘Frank,’ not to shelve him.

My 1/48 Tamiya Hayate is complete. Built OOB except for the sentai insignia, representing a Ki-84, 3rd chutai, unit unknown, Indo-China, 1944. Finished in the early “depot” scheme of dark green over bare metal. While relatively new, this Ki-84 has suffered damage requiring a replacement propeller and canopy after a taxiing accident with a Ki-49. Apparently there has also been some landing gear damage as it has a replacement main gear door.

Apparently, Ki-84s had at least four antenna configurations. I chose the simplest. I also lost one of the drop tanks so ‘Frank’ is awaiting preflight servicing.

Not my best model but considering how few I’ve completed the past decade, I am happy with it.

I have another hanger queen to work on after I complete a few other projects.

Just found this film of the (then) airworthy Ki-84 flying at the Japan International Aerospace Show:

Ki-84 Hayate Rare Color-Footage: 1973 Japan International Aerospace Show


Love the weathered finish…

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