Team Yankee

Well started down a new game route with a game from Battlefront Miniatures - Team Yankee based around the book by Harold Coyle.
1985 August 4th and the cold war has turned hot with the Warsaw Pact lead by the Soviet 3rd shock army crossing into West Germany. NATO forces already on a war footing are in position to delay, blunt, and counter attack.

The scale is 1/100 and these kits are nicely detailed.
The start of my British armoured company, some still to be built:
HQ 2x Chally 1 w/ROMOR armour
Troop 3x Chally 1 w/ROMOR
Troop 2x Chally 1 w/ROMOR
Troop 3x Chally 1
Attached troop 2x Chieftain Stillbrew
3x Chieftain Marksman SPAA
3x CVR(W) Fox
1x Warrior (Milan) uparmoured

Not in the photo 1x Fox, 2x Scimitar, 2x Striker, 2x Spartan (Blowpipe), 1x Warrior (Milan)


That looks very cool… Almost a full Cr1 Sqn…very nice :+1::+1:

I remember reading Team Yankee years ago, it’s a good story. Harold Coyle did another called The Ten Thousand which is worth a read also, very much in the same vein. Those are quite well details for wagons so small.

Thanks @Johnnych01 & @Maximus8425 These are all primed now and a couple have received a first coat of desert sand, I’ll take some update photos next week as I’m working nights this week so don’t even get near the bench.

Well I find myself running a demo for the hobby club and they gave me a already built M1 Abrams to paint, missing the panels on the back of the turret and the cupola this in the game is Brannon’s tank. Anyway I hide the missing panels with some camo net but not a lot I can do with the missing cupola.

Oh yes a very dodgy V-1 on ramp in the background also built but this time ‘painted’ by someone in the club which I’m also repainting.
So on the subject on WWII some of my Flames of War all still in 1:100.
3x Churchill Crocodiles

A Sherman V, Universal carrier and MMG carrier

3 x Sherman Fireflys

And lastly part of a British Para Company

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They do look cool. The 3 or 4 Arty wagons in fire positions is still something I am thinking of… or a full Cr1 troop in a concealed hide on a small dio … :thinking: