Templetes for tackling that pesky German spot camo on planes

Anybody like to give some input on using this brand or any other ones like it for possibly doing the difficult patterns that keep me from building my BF109’s in 1/48 scale.

I used two types, both scaled for 1/48, for my last build Eduard 1/48 BF110F Profipack Build

Both worked pretty well and you can see the results on my blog. The TopNotch one was best for curved surfaces as its designed to stick to the surface (a bit like masking tape) but can be re-used, many many times - plus you get loads of mottling option masks just in the one pack alone. The Eduard (PE one) worked well on the flatter surfaces like the wing upper surfaces.

I’d reccommend both to be honest, although you still need to be patient and do a bit of the aircraft at a time, masking as necessary.


I’ve built at east 30 Bf-109s in 1/48 and dozens of other German ac I recommend doing the dapple patterns along the fuselage freehand. It is difficult at first but with a little practice you’ll get it down and it if done properly will look much more realistic then using a stencil IMO. The trick is getting your paint/thinner ratio and air pressure dialed in and don’t be discouraged if you have to do a few touch ups of each color used as this is normal when doing this type of scheme. I suggest you spray the smallest pattern possible by your airbrush and build up the size of the dapples don’t try and spray each dapple in a single burst of paint. Hope this helps


Hi Roly. do you think those templets would work for a Japanese tony? want to make one with the mottled camo but can’t find anything decal wise in 1/48. there was one but it was reviewed as being the wrong green, or you know of any patterns made for japanese camo.

Thanks- Joe

I believe Tamiya’s Tony comes with decals.

Hello Joe, honest answer - I don’t know.

To me, mottling, is mottling, is…mottling so i’d probably say they were comaptitble. It depends on how much of a purist you are I guess?

Some of the schemes I wanna try are pretty complex. Its kinda all in or nothing with no chance to fix errors. And its that fear of just one air splat happening with the air brush during.

But I hear what you are saying.

Plus they are some of the nicer Eduards kits.

True story.


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The stencils do work well but the pattern they leave behind can be a bit too defined.

My tips are to spray from a bit further away than you would normally, and not be too neat. You can also overspray the mottle when its done with the base camouflage colour to soften the mottling up a bit.

The disadvantages of using a mask are lots of masking is involved. But the results are consistent every time.

The first is maybe possible for me, its these others than are I dunno knows…

The Hans ones coming first. Though.

Have you done a night fighter yet?

Yes I’ve done a G-6 and G-10 night fighters and I plan to do the yellow 12 you posted above at some point.

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I remember when that meme took off. OK apartment complex fire.

In my clumsyness, i put such mask on large masking tape, airbrush with black, cut the shapes out and put them on the plane, then airbrush the plane

Yet one more fine example of my state Oklahoma…Sweet Brown, Tiger King, they just keep coming from Oklahoma!

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Did you find a source for the decals or was it possibly from an older kit?

yeah, in 1/48? i know there are 1/72 decals but i didn’t hear that tamiyas tony had them included.

Check out Tamiya kit 25424

Here is a video of building the Tony (different kit number). This kit may have a set of camo decals from a non Tamiya company just not sure.
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony) - 1/48 scale from Tamiya - Bing video