Tempo A400 Lieferwagen + E400 Hochladerpritsche

There has started a new campaign recently and I thought I could start a new build blog of my share. The Tempo wasn’t really a “truck” in the traditional sense but it could carry goods and wasn’t bigger than most cars of its time. I still remember in the very early 1970’s in the village where I grew up there was still one “Dreikantfeile” driving around, as the german nickname for these 3-wheel vans was.

When I noticed that MiniArt comes out with these cute little vehicles I bought them promptly. But with nearly 50 €uros per kit they are not really a bargain … :unamused:

Anyway, let’s have a look at the kits, first the A400 …

… not many parts …

… the instruction plan comes with 5 options …

… and I have decided to build this DRK vehicle (German Red Cross) from the box art, all others have something with a swastika …

… beside the decal sheet the kit comes also with a small PE fret …

… and now a look in the box of the E400 …

… some sprues are different to the A400 …

… the load is optional …

… and again a small PE fret but different to the A400. Have a look at the different grilles …

… the instruction plan has option for 4 vehicles …

… and here I also decided for the box art version …

I have nearly finished my F4F Wildcat builds, so I should start with these kits in the next days. My usual comfort zone are military aircraft from the WW2 era, so let’s see how/if I can get some civil vehicles together. Maybe some of you will have a look in this blog from time to time.

Happy modelling!


Looking forward to seeing these Torsten- a strange and interesting little vehicle. Quite colourful options for them as well!

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Built one, if you look closely at the rear axel you’ll notice it sets to high in the body (almost touches it), add a spacer.


Will be following as I have a few of these versions. Was going to do this A400 for the Hot Molds campaign. My dad recalls these vehicle or ones similar, what he recalled was the steering wheel was in the center. More of a one person vehicle, not two.

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Thanks for watching, guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the hint, Dan! I’ll keep an eye on it.

Ryan, the Tempo was indeed made for 2 persons, it had a normal steering wheel on the left side like other cars. I guess, what you or your father means is an italian made Piaggio Ape. It’s more like a 3-wheel-motorcycle with a cabin and a small cargo bed and has the steering in the middle. Just saw one from a Pizza delievery service on Friday in my town. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe I will ask him. I wonder if he was thinking of the Hanseat. Tempo Hanseat – The Transport Journal

Very similar looking but the interior looks smaller and would make one feel as if a one seater.

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Not much to show yet, only want to let you know that I have started with the builds. First parts glued for the … ummh … “cockpit” … :grin: and prepared on my clamps for painting …

I put everything on hold for the weekend now, as I have my first model show this year. More work on the Tempos next week.



The assembly line looks good.

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These will be fun to watch, I will follow this Build Log for sure, I like these Miniart kits.
Keep them coming Torsten !


This looks like a cool project Torsten, I’m locked in for the ride!

Cheers, D

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Thanks a lot, guys! Hope I get the Tempos together. Nothing to show yet, just painted the parts seen in my last posting. Next step is assembling them. I keep you updated … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Finally I can show a small update of my Tempos. The “cockpits” are more or less finished. Adding the windshields was a catastrophy. First I used White Glue but the windows didn’t stay in place after a day, so I finally used ordinary Revell Contacta. Masks are cut from Fine Line Gold Tape but I also used some Revell Color Stop (similar to Humbrol Maskol) for the edges. I also noticed that the plastic of these kits is quite soft, so the parts might break easily … :unamused:

There are some small differences between the builds as you can see here. E400 ist the Pritsche and A400 the delivery van …

Have a nice Sunday, folks!


Not much done recently. Job life kept me away from the bench for most of the week …

Just started again yesterday with my builds. This is a test fitting of the doors of the E400. Haven’t decided wether to open a door later or not …

… plus some assembling of the rear of E400 …

Hope to start with the cargo bed of E400 later today.

As I said, job life kept me away from the bench. Been away for work several days and this was the view from my hotel room. If you know what monument can been seen in the middle here, you know where I was. It’s exactly 110 years old and it’s in Germany … :wink:

Have a nice Sunday!


The build is looking good so far. :+1:

Not sure of the location, doesn’t ring a bell for me. Hmm.

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A town whose name can’t be pronounced by most Swedish journalists,
they use the sound ‘sch’ for both the ‘z’ and for the ‘g’.
Makes me cringe every time I hear it.
Schweiz gets pronounced Tschweitsch, aaaarrrggghhhhh …

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That’ll be Leipzig then then Torsten!

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Correct, Brian! That was too easy then … :laughing:

Yes, I was in Leipzig and the monument is the Völkerschlachtdenkmal or Monument to the Battle of the Nations, which was opened in 1913, 100 years after the battle. Been to the monument in 2010 for the last time. Didn’t had time to go there this time …

Robin, being Swedish, you should know that area around Leipzig from an other battle (or battles) 181 years earlier to the Völkerschlacht. The soil there is indeed blood-soaked …

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Mostly Swedish sound, subtitles in English, some Germans speaking English as well :grin:

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It’s a funny thing; 50-odd years ago when I first got to Germany as a young private soldier, I remember that whenever Corps HQ deployed into the field we seemed to drive past a couple of Wilhelmine-era monuments - albeit in the very far distance, but always impressive and slightly sinister in the mist or early dawn. These were the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial at Porta Westfalica and Hermannsdenkmal in the Teutoburgerwald respectively. I was sufficiently interested in that I sought further information from the Army library in Bielefeld and discovered what was really a tourist-type book including pictorial coverage of lots of these monuments, and for some reason I recognised the Leipzig one even after all these years.

I remember that but am pushed to recall what I had for breakfast yesterday!


Isn’t it wonderful? This thread has turned into a little history lesson with contributes from various members, starting with the Völkerschlacht, going to the Battle of Lützen and further on to the Hermannsdenkmal. :+1: :+1:

Brian, I have never been to the Hermannsdenkmal but now that you’ve mentioned it, it should be worth a visit. I put it on my “To Do” list for the near future. In my hometown Karlsruhe we have a memorial of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

The modellers club of Leipzig had their model show for several years at the inn “Roter Löwe” in Lützen, so it was only natural for me to visit the Gustav-Adolph-Memorial every time I attended the show. My last visit to the little museum and the chapel was in August 2019. Here some photos from earlier visits …

… the memorial is right between the former hostile lines as can be seen on this map in the museum …

Okay pupils :laughing: back to the build blog. While I’m still struggling with the engines (too many parts in my opinion) and have already lost a part to the carpet monster I have done also some other work on the E400. I’m far from beeing a PE master but I’ve tried my best on the cargo bed …

… painted with Revell 77 Dustgrey …

… drivers cabin and hood are painted with Revell 56 Blue …

… the first engine is nearly done. I won’t put too much effort in detailing it, because it will vanish under the hood …

Next steps are the other engine and further assembling of the Tempo A400. Hope to get something more done before Easter. I’ll keep you updated.

Have a nice Sunday!