TF-15 B Eagle - Demonstrator

Looking really good!


Quick reference question for anyone in the know

I’m going to do this scheme, does anyone know what colour the weapon/fuel tank pylons would be… Is it the standard light grey ?
They sort of look black on this image as does the fuel tank … (Which looks cool) … Are they black because it’s an all over cam scheme ??

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I’m pretty sure that the FAST packs are painted in the camo colors and match the pattern of the surrounding areas.


Got everything fitted body wise less the weapons and canopy and undercarriage, however that is all painted.

Going to mask up and put a base coat down of the forest green… I’m still not sure about the other green I got with the AK set… It looks to light… The Tamiya xf27 looks darker and more like whats in the images … :thinking::thinking:

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Carlos, I was going to base coat in Forest Green 34079, but I am now not sure, do you think the Green 34102 is a better match for the base green ?

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The lighter green on the scheme is FS 34102. Now as to darker green, I’d go with FS 34079 when rolled out of the factory or FS 34092 later in flight testing… tough call depending upon the photos


I know lol… It’s a minefield :see_no_evil:

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The Eagle is now green…

RC 083 to be precise… FS 34102 … Now it’s on I actually think that’s the right colour … Pretty happy with that :+1:

It looks a bit patchy in a few places, which is partially the light, and also areas that I know are going to be covered by one of the 2 remaining colours :+1:


So far, so good! :+1:t3:

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First set of masking done…to late to paint so will tackle that tomorrow after work …

I’ve taken the bold step and decided on Tamiya XF27 black green for the darker shade of the green…


Here’s a table for Tamiya mixes of FS colors.

Tanya FS mixes


Thanks Carlos, it’s a handy ref for sure. Great help cheers :+1:


Some more paint in place …

Happy with the XF27 black green… I think this has the look . …

The grey is up next, I think I will be using the AK RC 243 fs36081…looks about right.

The brighter green bits you can see are the left over bits of play doh I used as the masking outline. Nice and easy to remove, just hadn’t got around to it.


Looking good Johnny! I always do love those prototype aircraft experimental/developmental schemes. Some look really good and it’s a true shame that they never went into production and operational use in those schemes.


Thanks Carlos, very kind mate. I liked this scheme as it looked different and the all over 3 tone gives it a distinct look compared to the all silver or metallic finishing or the Grey’s and sky tone on the belly …

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Oooh. Really like the way she’s shaping up with the paint on. :+1: :+1:


This is such a great colour scheme for the F-15! :heart_eyes:

So much more interesting than the standard drab grey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Boot me in the head for missing this build for so long! So much life to deal with. This looks extraordinary! Makes me inspired to get out my eagle kit. THANK YOU.

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Jets and tanks in these color schemes are so much more interesting than ghost grey and sand.

Looking good!


DV, Russ and Spitfire, many thanks for sticking with it and the kind words.

Thanks HG, with the crazy amount of time and effort you put in to hyper detailing your builds, it’s great to know that you’re following along…

Thanks all :+1::+1: