TF-15 B Eagle - Demonstrator


You’re an equally talented modeler. I just build more subjects due to client’s requests. Please forgive me for coming in late to your article. I can’t wait to see more. I NEED A BETTER EAGLE ha ha.

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Many thanks again Sir… And a bit late is better than missing the party altogether… Glad you made it :+1:

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Ok, a bit of a long overdue Eagle update …
I have now put the Grey on… Used AK 243 FS 36081. I didn’t do much, just little touches here and there as per the ref images I have.
This was straight after painting so it has a slight wet look on some areas

Quite happy how it came out. Matches up pretty well with the images I was using.

Will now do the weapon decals and fit some clear parts for landing lights…
The detail painting can get started now as well…


Weapons are on. Used the kit missiles, but the decals from the Hasegawa set C…

Still toying with the idea of adding a centre line tank… Painted in black green…


Started on some decals…this may take a while

I also knocked one of the AIM 7s off while handling…I was expecting something like this so wasn’t to sad lol …

Have also decided on the center line tank and just painted it.

Still a bit damp, but I think it will add to the look at the end.


Needs some sound advice from the aircraft gurus … What would be the recommendation for a wash over these colours ? To enhance the panels really… ???

Still need some advice on the colour of wash to use …Help !!!

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I’ve seen two main approaches:

First, use a dark umber or black overall wash that’s then wiped off. YouTube modeler PLASMO does this on his Tamiya 1/72 F-16.

Second I’ve seen is localized washes of darker versions of the underlying camo color. Or properly contrasting colors.

Both yield nice results. I’ve done neither. Planning on using the second on my Tamiya F-16.

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Looking great mate, loving that finish on the Eagle! Mig Productions dark wash would be my first port of call for the wash.

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Don’t do wingy things but guy I know who does swears by Tamiya panel line wash. Comes in a couple of different shades. Good luck.

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Are you looking to do a “ filter “ - that is a broad wash over all to effect the total paint job -
or something more linear to accentuate the panel lines ? If a filter I would experiment on color samples with thinned artist’s oils to see the effects .
I never have much success with acrylics for this sort of thing - if you used acrylic or lacquer for your base colors then the oil wash thinned with mineral spirits should not be a problem with regards to attacking the paint underneath- BUT TEST FIRST !
If it’s accentuating panel lines you are after , here’s what I do . Payne’s Grey oil thinned till it runs along the panel lines a bit by touching with a brush . I have never been a fan of sloshing the entire model with a wash and then laboriously wiping all off . It’s a mess and unless you want all the rivets, etc to stand out I find this less work in the long run and gives more control . Touching the brush along the panel lines will leave “ stitch “ marks but no worries.
Let all stand for an hour or two then buff off the stitches with a paper towel stuck to a popsicle stick with double side tape . Here is a Zero I did a while back-

In the bottom photo you can see that the tail has not had all the stitches buffed off yet …
HTH - Richard


Thanks very much chaps @Spitfire , @Armorsmith & Jim… I will take all that and rummage around in the paint/ wash area and see what I can concoct

Thanks also to Richard @RDT1953 … Will work with that as well… :+1::+1:

Decided to call the Eagle done. Now there are flaws with it, and sadly they are down to me, and partially losing some mojo on it.
The kit itself, although pretty old, went together very well, and only needed a teeny tiny bit of plasti filler. I was expecting it to be caked in it, but was very pleased with the fit.
The Eduard cockpit detailing set was a must. It adds so much and gives it a real look in my opinion.

Images are in no real order.

Used AK paints from the US European set, and also Tamiya XF dark green. I ended up doing a thin pin wash on black to capture some of the panel lines. There was a bit of silvering on a few decals but it doesn’t bother me as it’s never going on show.

A few of the things I goofed up, … I managed to put the front landing strut on with a slight twist which you can only see directly from the front. The canopy was a pain, I glued and put it on straight, took the dog for a walk and came back to find it had moved to the right ever so slightly… You can only see it from the rear so it’s not to bad. The other disappointment with the main and front canopy is that it has a massive seam going straight down the middle of both. No way I could fix that as I didn’t have a clue or any of the bits needed…

I used the kit missiles but decals from the Hasegawa C set. I think they are a must as well … Gives the missile a more genuine look.

And the underside showing the weapons really … And the last minute drop tank addition

Thanks for everyone’s support and advice and taking the time to comment or just drop in for a look.


Turned out nicely. An old kit with some TLC. :+1: :+1:


A beautiful rendition of one of the best IMHO aircraft ever built!

Lovely work. Thanks for sharing, John :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Looks great! Love the camo! It always blows me away how massive these modern fighters are


Thanks Russell @Russelle , that’s very kind of you to say so after watching your builds and what you give us :+1: and I do agree, the Eagle is a firm top 3 with me …
Thanks as well DV @Armorsmith …for an oldie it can easily hold its own with more modern offerings at a fraction of the cost
Thanks Mead @Mead93 , when I researched it, and saw the cam, I knew that was the way to go. I’m pretty happy how it cam out and the AK set is pretty damn close :+1:


That is one beautiful bird. All the details and camo look amazing!
Well done! :star::star::star::star::star:



You may have lost your mojo but I say it looks great. Very realistic weathering and paint—these modern jets don’t look like a rusted T34 hulk on the eastern front. And there’s so much surface area on these…you handled that well.

If you get the itch to tinker someday, I’d darken the inside of the tailpipes. A bit bright in there.

Other than that…fantastic work! You should be proud.


Looks good John. :+1: