That's not a big plane, *this* is a big plane

Beautiful box art, @Mead93. I am not sure how old the kit is, but cannot complain about the color schemes provided. Are you going with the yellow marked fortress?

It’s the 2016 molding, not the older boxings.

Still unsure! I am leaning towards the yellow one. The other option has a red tail, red horizontal stabilizer leading edges and red wing tips


sprue brothers has a 1/48 lancaster from HK in their lightning deal

just sayin’…

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Mention of the mighty B36 - some way back in the thread - reminds me that back in the winter of 1952 one such aircraft crashed in farmland near Boscombe Down airfield – for where it was destined; it was adjacent to the A345, a main road near Amesbury in Wiltshire (where I now live). Apparently, the pilot became confused with the road and the perimeter of the airfield. No one was injured but legend has it that the then SAC Commander, Curtis LeMay subsequently sacked the pilot immediately. Whilst it was described as an “Atom Bomber” in the local Press, there seemed to be precious little speculation on whether or not it was carrying nuclear weapons. I would have thought it was, as that was the whole point, as I understand it, of the B36 bomber fleet.

Anyway, here’s a pic:


One can just make out a double-decker bus trundling past, going about its business, which presents a rather stoic picture I feel(!)


Just saw that :disappointed_relieved: would consider it but just spent $70 Cad on the B-17 and just placed an order at Andy’s HHQ for the new Takom M48A5 and a Super Hornet


C5 is a big plane. Mine will be in 1/700 scale! LOL


Planning to open it up for pass thru loading


OK, I approach this with some trepidation, but I may have to give it a go. My question is, what’s your position on partially started kits? Here’s as far as I am with this behemoth:

Would you allow it?

Michael :open_mouth:


I’ll allow it!

I can’t imagine that’s much more than just a start.

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Just enough to scare me. Thanks!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, I am personally disposed to be pretty flexible about boundaries on campaigns. I’m not sure if that’s correct, or perhaps I would better say “what the community wants,” so am willing to tighten up if people think I’m too lax.

On planes in particular, in my experience of building airplane kits there is a lot of work that goes in before you close up the fuselage, so I would be inclined to allow anything where the fuselage is not closed up as being “not significantly started”.


Rule of thumb is typically less than 25% finished, so anything that is not closed up I would definitely allow if I had to call it.

What is a complete “no go” for me is if the same kit is entered in several campaigns at the same time. That defeats the whole purpose of campaigns in my opinion.

As I’m the one who originated that rule of thumb, I fully agree!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


@SSGToms - would you make this an active campaign, or move it out of the staging area, or whatever needs to be done to it? Thanks very much in advance,

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Done. Campaign active.

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So heres the pick for this campaign. Sort of less known bomber. The kit is rather komplex for 1/144 right out of the box. Unfortunately the majority of the interiour will not be visible.


I have made a start on my 1/72 Zvezda C130H, better known as a Hercules. A mainstay of the RNZAF for several decades, the version I am aiming for looks like this bird on the Antarctic ice.

While only being in 1/72nd scale, this kit will be the biggest model I’ve built. The body shells fit very well together and of course it looks like a Hercules.

I have made a start and completed the cockpit, a busy little place, using some Eduard PE.

Now this could be a nice straightforward build if I just slipped the cockpit into the body shell above but I will build out the cargo bay so that’s up next.



Nice work folks and nice selections of subjects!


I don’t know if anybody asked here, but are crossover builds with other GBs allowed. I’ve gotten a bit over ambitious with GBs this year and am hoping to kill two with one. Especially since this will be a larger project.

No, one model, one GB, one medal.

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