That's not a big plane, *this* is a big plane

I see that you’re building the Minicraft EC-121, I’m planning on doing a later release of that kit. Mine at least has dimensions from the leading edge of the wing for locations. Are there any other problems to look out for? :wave:

i’ve identified 3 major problems:

  • front undercarriage: pieces are very fragile
  • the propeller: sprue gate are huge for the tiny propellers
  • no locating pin for the upper radome

Nevertheless, it builds into a nice model! I built mine in 2020


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Very nice. I’m hoping to do a WV-1 out of Da Nang from the Caracal sheet.

Hi Everyone,

Nice work going on here, I’ve always liked the Warning star, something about a Connie is my guess. While I’ve been working on the B-29, I’ve not done an update. So, here goes!

This model was originally tooled in 1978 and has been reissued at least 11 times according to Scalemates. The kit I’m working on was molded sometime between 1989 to the later part of the 1990’s. What I’ve found is that overall it’s generally ok, however, it would appear that some of the molds have “Pitted” making for a lot of extra clean up. In fact, most of the time I’ve spent on the model has been cleaning up the plastic. Granted I’ve decided to re-scribe the thing, which also accounts for a lot of time.

My focus has been on the wings, as fit is going to be a challenge around the nacelles. Though the pitting of the molds become painfully obvious while cleaning up the engines, and also getting the cowls to look a bit more realistic. Here on the left is the before clean up, right is cleaned.

I gave the engines a coat of steel, and then a black wash to start with. The kit comes with the Curtiss cuffed props that are appropriate for the Nuke version, but for the standard bomber I’m doing, will need Hamilton standard props. I got a set of True Details props included with the kit, sadly, they were warped. Despite my attempts to get things straightened out (hot water) I’m not going to get there without making some sort of jig. So, I opted to purchase a new set from Metallic details. These are currently making their way across the planet, and hopefully will show up in a couple of weeks. In the interim, I did a lot of checking and rechecking as I approach the commit to glue phase or just get committed! The Eduard PE set comes with wire harnesses though after doing a mock-up of the engines, I believe it would be a waste of time and energy.

I have also filled the area where the engine exhausts will go and will replace the kit parts with some exhausts scratched from plastic rod and ear bud shafts (the correct diameter for the small exhaust port). So, the wings are close to getting closed. I have also bounced around the interior, deciding what will stay and what goes. While this one is ambitious, I’ve found that once the wings are delt with on these big old Monogram birds, the rest of the plane falls in place. Hopefully this remains true.

Till next time, stay safe and have fun!


Been reading along here… and in that great B17 build … and enjoyed building an ancient small P38 for the summer nostalgia groupbuild which made me decide to join this here groupbuild with a B17… just slightly smaller… :roll_eyes:

So I can use this kit as a practise run for the Airfix B17 in 1/72 that i have stashed away somewhere… trying scribing panel lines etc…


Not huge compared to some but it will be the biggest item on my shelves when finished. WIP- 1/32nd scale Lysander with as much added detail as I can think to muster. Trying to cut out the flaps and the wing slats to show them extended since this was such a key feature of the Lsand.


Gunner/Navigator’s swivel seat:

New guns for the bird:




Very cool! This one was at EAA Oshkosh in 2022. Quite an aircraft!

The old Matchbox kit ? If so, I have this in stash. A detail freak could go nuts on this one.

This one was boxed as Revell.

After watching the movie “Allied” I had to build this one!

Here is a shot from the movie. (This one is actually a non-flying, full scale movie prop!)

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It looks like great work on the Lysander, but I don’t know that it qualifies for this campaign. Granted, it’s certainly physically large, but I believe the campaign is about prototype large aircraft, with 4 or more engines.


So sorry - I did not realize (till now) that this was a Campaign. I should have checked, should have known better. My Bad

No worries! Looks like a great project and I hope you continue to post progress on the site!


Hi mates, after some other non-campaign builds I’m ready to report back to duty :laughing:
Here’s my “little Big Plane” for this campaign

Rummaged through my stash, put that kit out, then another and ended up inspecting the parts and …started cutting them off the sprues and glueing :+1:
Quick decision!
See you
Peter :raising_hand_man:


Nice choise Peter, as for my built, Im in the process of nominating a special comission which will prepare the draft of the timeframe of the build and then I can finally start with…asessing if the workspace requirement are met.


Got the B17 completed, and primed…


Some progress with my Condor, too.

Fitting is good so far!
See you!
Peter :raising_hand_man:


Bit of colouring done …

And number two is on it’s way…


Some progress with the engines and filling and sanding…


Hello everyone,
I do have a couple of questions on this subject. First off, does the subject have to be built by you and you only or can you have help building it?
Second, do you have to show pictures of the subject in question?
If the questions are going to be answered as I think they will then I can continue with my posting.
Thank you.