That's not a big plane, *this* is a big plane

…starts to look like a Condor… :smile:


I would like to join in. I have a Revell Ju-290 I have been wanting to build, but I don’t know if I will complete it in time.

Doesn’t matter if you finish in time, just start building …

During Israel’s War of Independence, the U.S. Government had emposed a weapons embargo on all warring sides in the Middle East. Still, Israeli aquisition agents managed to purchase 4 surplus U.S. Air Force B-17 Flying Fortresses, veterans of World War II, and these slipped from watchful American eyes to Ezion, the Israeli name for an air base in Czechoslovakia which aided Israel with weapon sales and shipment. One Fortress was seized on its way in Portugal and so only 3 arrived in Ezion. Having been neglected for a long time, they were devoid of guns and navigational gear, with turret holes gaping open or sealed with wood or plaster. The Fortresses landed in Ezion on June 17th, 1948 and received the most rudimentry of treatments before leaving for Israel on July 15th. On the way home one B-17 bombed Cairo, surprising the Egyptians who thought they were immune to such attacks and so left their capital undefended (Egyptian attacks on Israeli civilian targets stopped after this). The other two bombed Egyptian forces in Gaza and Rafiah. For the rest of the war the B-17 were stationed in Ramat David AFB and participated in operations on all fronts, even against the Egyptian navy.The Fortresses were also the founders of the IAF’s 69th squadron, the “Patishim” (Hammers) which exists to this day.

Although one of the most important bombers of WWII, the young IAF had no need for such a large, long-range bomber. During the 1956 Suez Crisis, the 3 Fortresses went on a small number of sorties, and were finally scrapped in 1958. Source

And this is my finished model, made my version of the 1956 B17… I know the weathering is overdone… and I just installed the turrets and guns… painted the windows in Tamiya smoke because some windows were only a molded on line on the fuselage…


Beautiful little model and IMHO the weathering looks just right. Thanks for the additional interesting info about these Israelian ships, too!
Peter :v:

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Excellent work!!!

I can still enter the GB. I would like to participate and build a Lockheed C-130?

You may!

It would be great to see another one built.

Next comes gloss coat, then the decals and of course some minor parts like undercarriage and -doors etc. etc. (see picture :wink:)


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update. I went bonkers with the interior green on many of the interior parts! While not a really big deal, given the real estate of the kit, it kind of is. After all, this is a really big plane!

I’ll be doing another update soon, as work on the interior continues. Also, the new props have arrived, and all I can say is yes they were worth the price! Following some clean up, I’ll post the pics.

Till then, be safe and have fun!


Nice green! :wink:

Thanks Phil!!!

Thanks for your comment!!


the cargo bay and cockpit of this kit is amazing!!!

I loved it!!!