The Great Canadian Campaign!

Well this build was going too smoothly…

I guess I didn’t glue the instrument panel in securely because the little bugger popped out on me.

Problem is, you’re supposed to install it through the opening covered by the nose assembly.

No way in hell was that coming off, so some minor cockpit surgery was required.

A short while and a couple ounces of rye later, I managed to remove the dash? I guess. Do airplanes have dash boards?

Anyway, I carved out some plastic in a reasonably scientific manner and managed to slot the panel back in. Go me!

Sadly I’m no plastic surgeon (buh dum dum) so there will be some scarring. Thankfully the worst of it will be obscured by the canopy.

While I’m rambling away here, I need the opinions of the masses… Should I:

  1. Pre shade panel lines?

  2. Given that I’ve put down this nice coat of zinc chromate, do I risk some chipping?

As I said a while ago, I don’t do airplanes, so weathering these things is a mystery to me.

Thanks chaps!


Look up doogs models black basing videos, I think it’s a cool technique for planes, similar to the results you get from pre shading with subtle tonal variation

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Ouch that’s unfortunate… Glad to see you have fixed it!

Really I would pre shade the panel lines before adding the zinc chromate, but thats only if you wanna add chipping (Which would look great as long as its not over done.) But if you wont do any chipping I bet you can just pre shade over the zinc chromate.

The cockpit looks awesome by the way!

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@Canmedic . you look like a sprue surgeon to me … Great recovery on that.
Now thia is just a personal opinion but no to pre shade and yes to post shade.
A bit of chipping can be good
Remember less is more. There are many ways to do chipping , my personal favorite is to use masking fluid and apply with a tooth pic. That method gives a ton of control and also allows to have chipping on multiple levels of color

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The instrument panel and cockpit looks great! I wasn’t sure about the way they like to do it with the decal behind the dials but it looks great

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Evening all!

Time to show off my new diorama as the hobb-e-tak dries out. This is my model of a Leopard 2A4M CAN from the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadian) on exercise in Wainwright, Alberta, during this year’s Maple Resolve 21. The exercise started and finished in early May, right as this campaign unofficially began. For all intents and purposes, this project is done (except the patch and two figures, which I’ll add closer to July 1). The scene portrays the mine clearance tank from a troop on exercise doing what it does best, plowing into the earth. To make this unique beast I used HobbyBoss’ Leopard 2A4M CAN, a VERY good kit which builds up nicely OOB (except the tracks - pick up their 2A6M CAN kit and use the vinyl tracks from that as donors, as they are of impeccable quality.) The mine plow is looted from Tamiya’s M1A1 kit, and attached quite nicely to my cat. Note the detail painting of the field applied camouflage (yes, it looks that crude in real life). If you ever want to do a unique Canadian tank, try doing one from this exercise as literally every tank and LAV had a unique and bucolic camouflage scheme, applied by their crews. The terrain was created with the last of my Celluclay, and the trees were simply painted brush from the Hydro Corridor (note that their lack of foliage is in fact historically accurate - it’s been a slow year for many of the Birch trees in Wainwright, and only now have most of them fully bloomed.) This was, again, a project full of learning. I learned how to properly apply camo nets, as well as to take a more restrained approach to weathering. I’ll update the build when it comes time with the figures :+1:


I hate to rain on your parade, Ezra, but the M151 does not look “done” to me, somehow. It looks bare, empty. No gear, no detailing.

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It could be sitting in the motorpool. Not every model has to be festooned with personal gear. I actually like the clean look of the little Mutt.


I think it’s all a matter of personal preference - I, for one, quite like the way the M151 was done, it appears as though the focus of the model is on the TOW missiles, and really that seems to be the subject of Ezra’s crippling addiction :joy:

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Hey - HEY - there’s nothing wrong with liking TOWs.

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True that. Soon Ezra’s collection will rival that of the entire US Army’s :grin:

Looks god to me .

It’s ok to love your TOW, just don’t love your TOW. 0400 fire watch does strange things to a mans brain.


Yah your right it could use a little gear or something… Your not wrong about the no detailing, thats one thing the Tamiya kit is sorely lacking…

and really that seems to be the subject of Ezra’s crippling addiction :joy:

Im offended! I only have the M113 TUA, LAV-3 TUA, M151a2 TOW, M1046 Humvee TOW carrier and a TOW launcher… Thats hardly a addiction…actually yah it is… :rofl:

Soon Ezra’s collection will rival that of the entire US Army’s :grin:

And the Canadian army as well… :wink:


Oh no! Do I have a TOW fetish?


Ooh no here we go again with this… :rofl: :rofl:

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TOWtally. Don’t worry though, this is a safe space.

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You Canadians are always so nice. :joy:


I, for one, think we are all TOWtally enthralled with these missiles

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You all see to be TOWtally on target with your comments

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