The Great War - 2023 - multi-genre

Group Build Title: The Great War - 2023

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: Multi-genre subjects from the Great War. Ships, figures (I saw that box of figures that just arrived - StormTroopers), that female Mk IV, the biplane, the zeppelin, etc.

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I am on board, doing a WWI build for our club. I can wait a few weeks before I start my Meng Whippet.

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@phil2015 can I kindly ask you to stop suggesting campaigns that throughly pique my interest?!

You’ve pushed me one step closer to the a USS texas or FT-17 model

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USS Texas??? That old rust bucket? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Don’t you know that Flyhawk is releasing HMS Iron Duke presently?

I know now lol! I’ll have to take a look

Honestly I’d love to see the USS Texas. I find those early “super-dreadnoughts” both US and British very appealing.

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Count me in!
Got a lot of stuff to choose from.

I haven’t done a group build for a while, got 2 in mind, Albatross DV 1/48 Edward, or Airfix HP O/400. Decisions, decisions. My other possibility won’t complete in time, HMS Jackal, destroyer, 1/72 scale scratch build.

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Got a Schneider kit begging to be built…

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Count me in, might do a figure or a tank.

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You know, I have never seen a build of the 0/400. Not that I’m trying to sway your decision :smile:

I believe the kit has quite a few problems, but it is one I have been intending to have a go at for some years

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It’s an oldie isn’t it. I think the only game in town though. Did WNW ever release their 1/32 before they went OOB?
I’ve had one to build for years, but never quite sure where to begin with it.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to CSM’s Romfell, Autocar, Minerva or Renault AC.
And there are also a couple of ICM’s Ford T’s I keep meaning to start.

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Hi guys, I am in for this one! :slight_smile:

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I had a look at it today, I think the main problem is the heavy rib detail on the lower wing and possible twisting of the fus. Assembly of the wings looks challenging, but nothing to a Roden BE2c


Yeah I remember the ribs looking a bit funny. I think they tried to replicate the tapes, but they came out too thick. It’s the limits of the moulding technology of the day. Sure a rub down with some wet and dry will improve them.
I remember the interior detail being quite good though for it’s age.

Scalemates tells me I’ve got 17 stringbags in the collection. I might be able to get one of those done. :wave:


Okay, I’m in. Probably Copper State Models Lanchester.

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Good choice. It’s a really nice kit. They’re about to release a resin interior set for it, but it’s not difficult to scratch one together. Not much can be seen through the driver’s port or rear doors.

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Before you ask Phil… two of the most Iconic visuals of the Great War:
Great War 01

On screen it will look like this:

Given the multi genre nature of the build, I think this covers all, without bias, e.g.focussing on just tanks, planes, ships or figures.