The Story Behind Your Username and Avatar?

I think we had a similar topic on the old Armorama forums… I would really like to know the story behind your username? And what does your avatar represent?

Maki is my nickname, so it was easy for me to pick a username for Armorama. As for the avatar, I wanted to use something that reminds me of The Matrix, a movie that I love.



My name but written without a space between first and last name, spaces not allowed by the implementation …
Avatar is a photo of me


I build a lot of German tanks and Armor, so I just chose Panzer (Tank) then Modeler.
And I used to have a bad photo of me as my avatar on the old forums, but I changed it with drawing from cute cartoon of a Canadian in a Leopard!


My name - First 3 letters of my first name and last name… and if I had a dollar for the number of people who have asked if I have a pet bat… :flushed:

Avatar - I used to have a cartoon M113 in the old Forum, but felt like a change. I was reading up on the British Centurions in Korea while I was deciding on a model to build for the Korea Group Build and came across this ‘Deviant Art’ pic… it just appealed to my sense of humour…!


My first initial then last name… Not terribly creative!
Avatar is a take on ‘the big bad wolf’ used for no other reason than I thought it looked good.



User name is my favourite battleship, a beautiful ship IMO

My avatar is a Jaguar which saw service during the Gulf war with the name Debbie then later white rose. I own a wing fence from this aircraft.


Ok… So name is obviously me, Johnny to my friends, and then initials…the avatar in the old forum was my Blues and Royals capbadge… But thought it was time for a change … And so the new one… Who secretly doesn’t want to be a Jedi :grin:


Nice thread… So name is my initials and my year of birth, not overly creative. JJ didn’t work, so I had to add something… The avatar is my 1:1 that keeps my busy, the newest German Navy F125-class frigate F225 RHEINLAND-PFALZ still undergoing trials. In the old forum I had the previous F209 RHEINLAND-PFALZ as avatar, where I served as a PWO almost 15 years ago and which was decommissioned in 2013.



I build almost exclusively armor hence the name. The avatar has no special meaning-it’s just one of the few photos I have of my builds.


Interesting question… My user name, SdAufKla, is a bit of a spoof on the German AFV abbreviations so many of us are familiar with. In my case, I imagined a sort-of made up term, “Sonder Aufklärer,” then abbreviated it: SdAufKla. It fits with my pre-retired vocation. I’ve been using this same user name for a long time and on a number of different forums. It’s almost a global user name for me.

I have included my real name, though, with the tag. I know so many scale modelers from about the US, friends on the ol’ interweb, model club mates (present and past), along with the folks I’ve met over the years attending various shows. Might as well let my friends, present and future, know who I am.

As to my avatar, well, “Ask squirrel an’ moose!”


Nothing creative on my part. My user name is my nick-name which is just a shortened version of my last name and the avatar is my ugly mug. So there you go. :slight_smile:


On the old forums it was my simply my name, first letter of my last name and a number. When I started doing large scale scratchbuilds, I collected all the projects under the ‘Landships’ name as I always liked the term and my first projects were WWI themed so it made sense. I also figured if anything came of the projects (monetary wise) I’d go by that name. Wishful thinking and all… too many ideas and not enough time. Avatar is the logo for my site that I made myself. Figured I’d just collect all my online modeling stuff under one name for simplicity’s sake.

My first name is Anthony = To
My middle name is Joseph = Jo
My radio call sign at work for 40 yrs was 72



I guess, Sprueone is obvious. The avatar is one of the logos of my favorite FM broadcast radio station.

My favorite modeling subject is armor and I’m a bit of a history buff so Armor Buff. Avatar picture of my favorite brand of paint the discontinued Floquil Military Colors. I still use Floquil and intend to leave the hobby for good if my stockpile of 200+ bottles ever run out lol.

My name comes from the film “Iron Sky” and he is described as: “Mr Nachrichtenubermittlungs-Oberfuhurer Adler”.

if there is anyone who speaks German and can translate that long title then I would live to hear from you. my best guess is:

night something great with lungs overseer.

keep in mind that Mr Adler is a Nazi living on the moon.



I spent 20 years in the Marines so I chose the eagle, globe and anchor emblem. I retired as a Master Sergeant. The nick name for a Master Sergeant is “Top” so that became my user name.


I tried for a forum global name but Tank is already taken if I go someplace new so Tank1812 became it as I was a tanker for a short time period and the MOS number in the Marines was 1812. Add the _ so I could have separate passwords between the new and old site as I had issue when creating the new login. No avatar cause I have been too busy posting and not modeling to pick one.

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Nachrichten = news (as in TV-news) or intelligence as in collected by spies
übermittlung = transfer, transmission, spreading the news
Führer = leader,
Oberführer = higher level of leader, the Oberführer would be the officer commanding the other Führers of that branch
Adler = eagle, in this case used as a surname

The Nachricthenübermittlungsoberführer would be a mid level officer in charge of intelligence transfers

Trivia: a rank level in the Hamburg fire brigade was Oberspritzenführer, spritze = powered water hose, pumper in fire brigade terms. Spritzenführer would be the commander of a pumper, the Ober would be the boss of the other Spritzenführers

Further trivia: There is also the story about the made up word, maybe of pedagogical reasons, about this title:
Donau = Danube, river
Dampf = steam
Schiff = ship -> dampfschiff = steamship
fahrt = travel, movement in the geography -> schifffahrt = shipping, travel/transport by ship -> dampfschifffahrt = steam shipping
elektrizität = electricity
haupt = main
betrieb = activity, operations
werk = works or plant -> elektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerk = main electricity operations plant
bau = building, erection of plant, construction
unter = under, lower
beamten = official, used also for public servant
unterbeamten = lower rank official, assistan official (oberbeamten, beamten, unterbeamten)
amt means an official position or the whole organisation, ‘be’ in front of a word means something like given to, subjected to, target of so a beamter is someone given an official poistion, offical or public servant
gesellschaft = society, could be a company or a trade union or any other society or association
Danube steam shipping main electricity plant construction assistan officials society.

A real word was the Rindfleisch­etikettierungs­überwachungs­aufgaben­übertragungs­gesetz which was a law controlling the transfer of the task of supervising the labelling of beef.
When the law was presented in the parliament of that German state it was met with a resounding laughter.
There was also a law about controlling the transfer of responsibility of allowing traffic to/from properties (access from property to public road?)
Grundstück = piece of land (grund) a.k.a a property
Verkehr = traffic, verkehrs is the genitive form, something to do with traffic
Genehmigung = formally allowing
Zuständig = officially responsible, the authority for something
Übertragung = transfer, über is over, tragung is carrying, so carrying over (to)
Verordnung = regulation
The regulation of transfer of responsibilty for allowing traffic access to/from properties

Say that after a couple of beers …


@Uncle-Heavy many thanks for the translation. I really wish I was academically inclined as I would love to learn German…maybe I can find something on YouTube and listen to that while I’m at work.