Trumpeter Mk VII

Ladies and gentlemen, we have paint!

Combination of masking and freehand for some touch ups. I’m quite pleased. I may go back a do a little post shading to help differentiate the greens. In real life they fade very close to each other, but sitting inside shelf it’s a little muddied.

I also had to go back last night and re-fill and sand that Death Star trench run down the back of the crane boom. It’s far from perfect but I think it’s the best that I’m going to get so I’ll leave well enough alone before I do something moronic and cad t recover.

Pay no mind to the rubber. They’re just stuck on at the moment. They’re gonna need a lot of TLC.

Next up painting the fiddly bits and then decals which I’m really excited for on this kit.


Very nice Don. You have gone a great job with the cam, and more so if you did some free hand, certainly looks the part to me. Having the crane up and the boom out does give it more impact so well done for doing that.
On my LAV AD the tyres are just as shiny as yours sadly, but I will just be giving them a coat of Tamiya tyre rubber like the Stryker I did and they come out fine.

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Nice scheme and colors. :+1: :+1:

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@Johnnych01 @Armorsmith

Thanks for the love boys. Really really happy how this one has been coming together…

Really nice coloring and that crane to the side looks really good!

As for the shiny tires: use some sanding paper, will make a lot of differene… from experience… :wink:

And there is a nice trick to make them
[weighed rubber tires](

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This is my plan for future rubber tires.


Thanks Bert. Can you take another look at that link, it’s highlighted but I can’t actually click on it.

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Fixed the link


Thanks Bert, I’m going to try this for sure.

Edit: @bwilt… game changing. Thanks for this.

I got some bench time after work today. The cockpit “piece” is installed, the motor installed, radiator installed and the ski supports are installed. My “scratch” support arm worked like a charm.



Looks nice Mike. It is an unusual little kit … But good to see one being built.

Did a little post shading around the panel lines and some shadows. Gloss is also on for decals tomorrow.

Tires are looking tired. I’ll need to fiddle more with that sagged technique that Bert posted, but I think for a first go they turned out not bad. Hardest part is making the squish even, which I didn’t, so I’ve got one tore that sits ever so slightly off the ground.

Here’s a shot next to my Cougar so you can get an idea of what these things were supposed to do.


Looks really good Don. I like it sat next to the Cougar as well, makes it look like its just about to get to work … you have certainly done it justice :+1:

I used little nails, drilled 2 holes in opposite sides of the rim, one the same diameter as the nail, the other just a little smaller, and wen you push the nail through the rim into that second hole, it will get stuck, so you don’t need to use superglue to keep it there, and you have the same suish on every wheel. Sounds a bit complicated, but I found it was a lot easier to do…

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Don, if you are looking for a good paint to simulate the high polished Hydraulics, try Molotow liquid chrome. I used it on my Cheiftain ARRV.

Just bought a pen!

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I got some more fiddley work done with the propeller’s “safety bars.”

Propeller, steering wheel, and the steering linkage are drying. Skis are only temporarily mounted.

Question There are two caps (fuel and radiator) - one below the radiator on the body and one at the top of the radiator. I’d like to paint them a different color. Black, Russian Green, Steel??? Thoughts?



Taking shape nicely. As with other kits, it’s not one I would ever think of getting or building, but it’s really good seeing how it gets built up and brought to life.
Ref the caps… I would go for Russian green… But that’s just me.

Got the decals on. Forgot how much I dislike Trumpeter decals. I think they’re gonna settle ok but we’ll see in the AM. Maybe it me but I find they’ve got an excessive amount of carrier film and it’s a weird consistency.

Also sadly managed to trash one of the RCEME flashes on the crane boom. So for inexplicable reasons, they used a white bar rather than yellow. Genius me decided to mask and spray. Genius me forgot I’d just used a bunch of Micro-Sol on it and then promptly peeled it off with the mask… :man_facepalming:

Decided to spray the C/S because the thought of using one of Trumpys decals that size gives me nightmares. Spray looks great, though I grabbed the wrong bottle of OD to spray the A which is going to bother me and only me.

Tomorrow, washes!


Very nice Don. The sprayed C/S looks great on the side, and the OD blends in just fine to the normal eye.
Are the props bronze or green on these ? All the upper hull is done on mine now, so will be getting stuck into the turret later tonight after work. Are you adding much stowage to yours Don ?