Twin-engine bombers

I also missed the start date on this one. Again, perhaps a mod could help me here also…

Started on October 1st, so you can start splicing sprues and mixing glue

Oy Vey, I’m behind on a build that I didn’t even know had started… :wave:

Plenty of timevto start a d finish. The build lasts till June 30th.

Settled on my B-25 (inspired by recent trip to the lone star flight museum) gonna do this bad boy in the box art colors, may start it right away


Lovely choice! :+1:

Thanks I’m looking forward to the build! Not sure if I want to try masking and spraying the nose art or use the decals yet

Very nice choice! I have build the old Monogram/Revell kit. Decent although showing its age.

Maybe we can get @SSGToms to move this one as well?

Okay, Campaign made active, have at it boys!


I would like to sign up for Twin engine Bomber Campaign. My entry will be Tamiya’s 1/48 DH Mosquito…

I dropped out of previous twin engine fighter Campaign since I did not have ANY twin engine aircraft kits in stash. I was just starting out with planes. Hope I can build and complete this entry on time and have fun in the process… Hi @phil2015 Please sign me up…

Have a Great Day


That’s great. Please, feel free to start cutting plastic!

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I had to assemble aviation models, but it is here that my percentage of marriage is close to 100%. I did not apply for participation in the company, because I am very unsure of a positive result.

Or maybe it’s not my crooked hands, but such a model? She is almost my age, and I am not very young.


Here is my build for this campaign - an Ukrainian SU-25. Not sure about the north number and load yet, but I will probably do the green spinach scheme or the splinter scheme.

The kit will be the old KP 1/48 SU-25.

More to follow later :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice choice!! My favorite Soviet aircraft

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Thanks, Mead. It definitely means business when loaded up with 6 large rocket pods! :exploding_head:


Update on my Mosquito…

This week is fairly productive. Managed to get few bits and pieces completed.
Cleaned up few cockpit parts. Even though cockpit starts at step 8.Parts prepared and cleaned for steps 8, 9 and 10.

Completed some fiddly bits and test fitted.

First time using resin parts. Figuring out how to … without destroying it… Managed to cleanup and prime paint fenders. But the seats have big blocks attached :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Completed steps 1, 2 and 3
Generally the fit is perfect. Except for some glue strains, managed to fit the engine nacelles without issues.
Happy with the completion :sweat_smile:

Comments, pointers and issues to look out for is welcome. :+1:
Have a Great Day


Here is my entry for this campaign:

Douglas A-20G - Project “Little Chief”

There will be a small deviation from the historical reality: it will be armed with 4 triple bazooka. I’ve also planned to print a accurate nose with opened gun bay.