Unfinished Business 2023


Excellent job Paul. That sure is one dirty little beast. It came out perfect.


Love the weathering on that Sherman, Paul! It looks very realistic.

Congrats on finishing! :slight_smile:

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We have so many wonderful new kits, tools & supplies that it is fun to try new things and see how they come out. My thanks to all of you for sharing how you build your models. I learn a lot from your efforts.

Now that I have tried the pigment fixer I’m not sure how I ever got along without it. I have a bottle of something that promises to make a wet looking mud. That will be for a future project.

I like looking at this Sherman, I learned something and its off the shelf of uncompleted projects. I’ll call that a victory.



I scratch built the ammo racks for the Meng Renault FT (with the seats/platforms for my Nagmachon forward gunners):

Not perfect but they do not need to be given the angles they will be viewed at. At least there is the right number of racks now…

Just need to paint them and the rest of the interior components…



That is very impressive! This thing will not look like a model when you are done. It looks like it will start up and clank off down the road someplace . . .



Okay ammo painted and installed, and other interior painting in the last stages.


Lovely neat work Peter :+1:


Hey, hey.

I have about three dozen started but unfinished armored vehicles sitting in boxes, some going back to 2008, mostly built and ready to paint. For me, painting is the most difficult and frustrating part of model building and I tend to put things in boxes once I reach that stage. Would a model with all sub assemblies built but no painting qualify for this campaign?

Over the years, I have joined three or four campaigns but never actually finished a model for one. Equipment problems or real life always get in the way. I will make a good faith effort to finish whatever I enter but cannot promise anything.

That certainly does fit the bill Doug. I too am a bit of a painting procrastinator. Glad to see you come on board.

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Doug, I am right there with you! I thoroughly love the building part, love it. I do not like painting. Ask me how many airbrushes I have…6! No idea why I have 6 airbrushes when i don’t like painting, but I have that many.

I have so many kits in boxes ready for paint it is quite embarrassing. I have several kits that are to a point that paint has to be applied before moving on, but since painting is involved, they go to the box and shelf of shame and I start building something else.

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@Damraska Doug, please join it definitely helps. I too struggle with the same issues,have eleven kits in process and real life is getting in the way again. One always finds encouragement with other model builders working together towards the same goals. My turkey is from 2003, a full 20+ years in the oven.

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I’m hopping in the unfinished business train with old Tamiya Jagdpanther. I bought it somewhere in previous century, started it and then… abandoned hobby for almost 15 years. I was recently cleaning one of basement rooms and found this old “gem” in this condition:

Almost untouched by time and… mice :rofl:.

Biggest challenges here are:

  1. missing sponsons floor - there’s a giant hole here on both sides and I need to fill them somehow with some strips of styrene:

  1. old yellowed decals. They also seem like they will crack during attempt to apply them. So either I find some reasonable replacement or I will make masks by myself…

Hopefully I will give this kit a justice after all these years it wad closed in the cellar.


Don’t sweat on the decals. A lot of JP had nothing but the balkenkruez. Push comes to shove, trim out the decal from your sheet and use the cut out as a mask to spray in the white. Then trim off the yellowed part of the decal and place the remaining decal part over the painted white.

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Radek, also you can just let me know if you have no spare decals. I have spare numbers and crosses if you need it.

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Thank you for allowing me to join in. :grin:

Now to choose a model. :thinking:

I will enter with the Brummbar on the far right. It was built sometime between 2014 and 2017. If something goes horribly wrong, I will switch to the Staghound on the far left, which was started back in 2011. While I have older models, those two have a good chance of crossing the finish line.


The 4500 has a driver now and will be sealed up once I get the windshield and steering wheel installed.

I noticed some paint errors from the first start on the kit so I will take care of those before cementing the cab to the chassis. I guess a light source discolored the dunkelgelb on part of the cab so it is noticeably different (LEDs long-term on paint?} – I think you can just see it along the top of the door frame. There is also a finger smudge towards the front to be addressed. Once I get everything attached but the wheels and canopy frames I am going to give it an overall hit of DG again to even it all out. It will be getting the additional brown/green camo to match some armor I built previously so a variation of the box art really.

I also have to get all the faked wiring threaded to where I need it. I’m obviously approximating here but I seldom detail engines (since until recently most kits didn’t have interiors) and I am adding more here than I have done previously without going full you-know. Hopefully the results will be enough to keep me at it.

I think this will wrap up pretty quick once all the parts are on. Since I freehand camo unless it is specified to be otherwise painting won’t be as hard to get done as my 109 and 262 are proving to be. I hate masking.


Thank you Jesper, if I don’t find any and fail with creating mask I will PM you :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter, it will make my life easier, cutting cross masks are definitely much easier than those red on white 3’s :slight_smile:

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If you get really stuck with the crosses, I have an absolute stack of unused ones. I presume you are in Poland, so its only the cost of a stamp and I will send you some across and generic Pzr turret numbers ?

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Thanks John, I will let you know, I want to try first to cut out own masks to practice (most likely my patience :smiley: )

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