USS Des Moines 1/350

Coming on very nicely Mark,

Wouldn’t fancy being on the twin 3" right in the bow of the ship.

Cheers, Si

Si and AB thank you for your comments. I will have to have a look at the USS Salem Tour as that would be right up my alley…CHeers mark

OK her 3 Forward Turrets are now onboard and Weathering basically complete. Have now started on her forward Bridge works. More to come soon…Vheers Mark


A nice and clean build. I like it. :+1:t2:

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Thank you my Friend. OK her forward Superstructure and Command Bridge are now complete. Her fitout now continues so will have some more soon…Cheers Mark


Just a bit more work to do and her Midships area will be completed. More to come soon…Cheers Mark


Really looking the business, now Mark :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice progress Mark,

Those twim 3" do look the business., coming on very well.

Cheers, Si


slowly catching up here (and with so many other fine builds here on MSW) - that’s fantastic work, and really looking business, as Russ says. Very clean work, the PE looks excellent (as does the rest of her…)


Thanks Russelle. I am really enjoying this Build…Cheers mark

Thanks for looking in Si…Cheers Mark

Thanks Jan. Your comments are always appreciated with everyone elses…Cheers mark

Her aft Superstructure is now basically done and her Fore mast is now stepped. The end is approaching…Cheers Mark


Looking great Mark!

She’s got an amazingly small, or better narrow, superstructure I’d say, and an equally amazing amount of guns and firepower for a cruiser, actually not that much larger the a DKM Hipper or Prinz Eugen…
Commissioning is close!!