Warriors 1/16 V100--Progress Made

Had some teaser threads of this project a (long) while back:

Trying to decide between versions to build

Sanding the halves flat.

With Takom’s forthcoming 1/16 Ontos, I was somewhat inspired to make some progress on the V100.

Project ingredients:

Not many pieces and some pretty basic steps:

Gluing the leaf springs in place:

Working on the wheel halves:

Unfortunately the side doors broke but a relatively easy fix:


First time soldering model parts:

Truthfully, the guards should be a less square and more round at the top, but it was easier to get two matching ones this way.

You can see the outline were the doors are supposed to go:

Unfortunately the view ports don’t line up:


Looking good and nice recovery with the doors :+1:

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Not sure if you’d be interested in this or not?


this looks like the old verlinden kit, the construction seems similar too.

Nice, I would love to get one if it’s available. Hope it is :grin:


Did you didn’t say which scale Verlinden kit… :grin:


Very cool link, thanks for sharing.

Looooong out of production. I’ve heard rumors that only 30-40 were ever produced.

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Oh that is shame. I need to learn all this CAD/3D printing stuff as I build these types of subjects myself.

Small update:

Door is in place. It’s actually vertically oversized and while it would be a relatively easy fix, I’m not going to worry too much about it.


Some extra detailing on the front hatches: