Weathering Andys Sherman 1/16


What thinner was used?

+220 models sprayed w/Floquil without barrier coat and haven’t seen anything like that.

Dude, I was a teenager when I did that one. Lotta brain cells gone since then. I’m sure I used whatever was supposed to go with it - Dio-Sol more than likely. The one time I didn’t use barrier I payed for it,

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Story of life x3. :sunglasses:


Got the wood, did a quick test, the linden wood is easy to cut, lets see how it looks with a wash when the glue is dry


This tip with a drinking straw is handy when working with white glue in any scale.

Drinking Straw & Wood Glue

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That looks legit.

Not sure about the size, looks kind a massive


Hm, white glue is a mess because it seals the wood against the wash, need to work more carefully

I noticed it in your photo but didn’t mention it because I don’t always want to be that guy.
I figured it was still wet and you would wipe it off. The more you make them, the better they’ll look.

Looks nice. Also, it may appear to be a bit big, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an ammo box _ it could be a general parts box or similar.

I think it looks much better. If you lightly sand the areas of glue squeeze out, it may take the wash better. Don’t know if you want nail heads but poking a sharp pencil point before the wash can leave a mark like a nail head.