Weathering Pencils- Worth the time?

A while back I was gifted this set of rust effect weathering pencils. They got set aside, covered up, and forgotten about until now. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on them but want to ask the model vets here, any of y’all used them? If so, what’s your method?

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I’ve never found them useful for weathering. I think folks need to tinker with the pencils and they’ll probably find a use for them.

stencils-with-pencils trying to do markings without using decals and discovered the weathering pencil can work pretty well.

All markings are weathering pencil.


Do a search on here, there is a few threads on those pencils. Mine never “worked” but I saw them “work” at a club demo. :man_shrugging:


I bought into the idea… as in the full set! :pencil2::money_with_wings: Couldn’t really get them to work for me. I believe working on a very flat-coated surface (something with tooth) might be the key. HTH.

Ditto shrug Ryan. :man_shrugging:


I own a half dozen or so of these weathering pencils. I was rather disappointed with the results upon my first attempts to use them. They seem a bit too hard for direct, dry scribing on the surface of a model, especially if the paint is not very durable. Wetting them before applying is better, but tends to be somewhat ham-fisted, applying more pigment than necessary for a subtle effect. After experimenting, I now wet the tips of the pencil and pick-up a small amount of pigment with a wet, fine-tipped brush and apply this to the model, which can then be further blended as desired.

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