What catches your fancy?

or, what causes you to do your next build? I’ve been thinking about why I want to do what I want to do next. So far, I can find no pattern. Groups builds are something of a driver but not totally determinative. Is there a pattern to your passion?

When I restarted building again I noticed that IDF models look very different to all other tanks etc.Like the Nagmachon and Merkava. So I got them. Didn’t build them yet though.
Then I bought a couple of kits from someone who sold part of his stash, so just got them because they were cheap.
Among those was a LAV25, liked that one, not really the kit but the model as such, and found a couple more for half price. So no I have 8 LAV"s to build, and am making a big dio to put them all in.
Still like the IDF models though…


Personally I’m a big fan of all Canadian vehicles, but the lack of kits on this subject is a big bummer.
I also love modern armor like Abrams, Merkavas and Leopards, a soft spot for Shermans and WW2 German armor and artillery.
As for aircraft I really like modern jets from all countries. I admire the skills it takes to rig a biplane and someday hope to build one.

Although my plans usually go out the window when I see a interesting looking kit and buy it…

My main interest is 1/48 scale WW II Japanese aircraft , although I build aircraft from other nations as well . I dabble in the armor side a bit but soft skins catch my fancy mostly - don’t know why .
Like many of us I am a history buff - WWII generally and the Pacific in particular now but the ETO in general and the Battle of Britain in particular held my attention previously. Some times a book will spur my next build - sometimes trying a new technique will do it and I’ll choose a subject that lends itself to that . I really enjoy the decal phase and a particular set of markings may fuel the fire. Other times it’s the kit itself . My last two efforts were Tamiya’s new Ki 61 and their new P 38 . Both amazing in their engineering and I had aftermarket decals for both AND new technique ( wet transfer ) for the Ki 61 so these checked all the boxes .
Every model builder , regardless of genre - armor , auto , naval , sci-fi- should build the Tamiya P 38 just to experience how good a kit an be .


My focus is mainly on WWII German vehicles of all types; I am trying to recreate the Encyclopedia of German Tanks of WWII and thanks to a lot of the new stuff from the Eastern European companies I am nearly complete. My other military interest is aircraft of any nation that saw combat or at least made it somewhat into production during WWII.

I also build Sci-Fi kits, some boats, and vintage Volkswagens.

I build mostly cold war/modern subjects now. No particular country though I tend to favor Russian and Israeli armor. That said, I tend to pick a project based on a finishing scheme, where I look for the unusual or the outlandish, something that is not generally done or would stand out on the table.

I have lots of interests and lots of different things take my fancy. Probably why I never seem to finish anything!
Anything cool from my favourite SF films and series, WW2 warships, Vietnam War aircraft, RAF WW2, small scale WW2 armour are my favourite subjects.
At the moment I’m really enjoying the WW1 kits we’re getting. Aircraft, figures, vehicles, tanks. There’s so many really cool kits of unusual subjects. If someone has a told me 10 years ago we would get a 1/35 kit of a bizarre Austro-Hungarian armoured car, I wouldn’t have believed them!

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My interests tend to drift about every 6 or so months. I get all into aircraft, but only WW1, WW2 and very early jet a/c. Then about 6 months later I’ll be all about Axis armor and soft skins. The only consistent factor is that I always build with a diorama in mind. Sometimes the finished model will wait a long time for it’s diorama setting but eventually it’ll get there.
I believe my interests are driven by which reference book I happen to pick up to browse through.


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Like you, group builds are a big driver however more often than not its some random thing that sparks my imagination. Youtube videos are a big driver. Video’s from Drachinifel have driven many an impulse buy and build of ships. Battlestar Galactica lead me to purchase some Vipers. Also if something just looks cool. I am very drawn by certain aesthetics.

I also have certain areas of interest. Shermans for one. I want to build one of each major Sherman type or major modification. Lets just say there are waaay more than I imagined. Whenever I am at a loss as to what to build I know I have a Sherman at hand :smiley:

And lastly, if its South African and I can afford it, it goes in the stash even if its a subject I don’t particularly enjoy such as aircraft.

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I’ve always had an interest in WWII, so that was my initial attraction, but WWI and interwar stuff also started appealing to me before I even began modeling, especially the odd-ball designs and heavily riveted vehicles.

As I’ve modeled though, my interests expanded. I’ve bumped up to Cold War and modern Russian vehicles, and have the urge to jump into ships and try out at least one plane.

So I guess the way to catch my interest is WWI - WWII, with a leaning towards Russian vehicles, and then anything armored train or railgun.

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Currently, for me the driver is “Unfinished Business”. Modeling focus is almost exclusively armor. With a history & wargaming interest that’s predominantly on WW2 with a heavy interest in Panthers, Tigers, T-34’s and most of all Panzer IV’s.

  1. clearing out the shelf queens
  2. build models I’ve wanted too for along time
  3. group builds that facilitate #2

I studied WW2 history and wrote at length on it at various stages of BA in History so I end up enjoying US and German armor and planes. Just watched “Greyhound” and now I keep mulling over trying out some naval kits but haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Lately it is Artillery kits. They are simple paint jobs and few (if any) decals. I am hoping to get out of Yet Another Modeling Slump. First up is Vulcan’s 1/35 2-pdr AT gun.

Lately, WWI tanks have been my interest. Mostly because of the weird ideas of what a tank should be. Also, no rubber tires on the road wheels! I had been working on Trumpeter’s K1A1 kit when I reached some sort of fatigue painting the tires. I started rushing it and making mistakes and finally stopped. I bring them out once in a while, stare at them, then put them away. I’ve been building wheeled vehicles, but limit them to 4 wheels.

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Campaigns/Group Builds are my motivation. I don’t build anything just to build it anymore. I have used reviews that I have done as a motivator as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve given up on the campaigns as I always starting feeling the pressure of the dead line and that started making it less fun.

Carriers are my favorite tho other ships are good. I like soft skins, flying boats and odd looking aircraft.

I’ve given up on campaigns as well. I must have joined 30 or so but finished 3 or 4.

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Usually one of two things get me interested in some particular subject. I’ll either read something related to it in some history book or another, or I’ll come across some technical aspect of the subject that grabs me (often a combination).

Most often, though, it’s the historical side of the story, and as I delve deeper and deeper into the 'ol research “rabbit hole,” the details and circumstances start to form a picture in my mind around the potential modeling subject. I’ll start to surf around and research kits and figures, and… boom! My muse smacks in the face and my next project starts.

An interesting question.
For me Group builds serve as more of a prompt /reminder to have a look through the stash and then I invariably rediscover something I forgot and dig that out and get started. My problem is I’m easly distracted by virtually anything… The Antique Antics GB is a case in point. Picked out a kit got as far as gluing and sanding out the barrel and then randomly moving something on the shelf and went down the rabbit hole that has become my What if HURAV…
Often though I’m just nudged towards something after seeing something online or in a book, and very occasionally a non-military subject I see in my real world that I’ll then tweak.

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I’m really all over the board with my builds,I have a stash so I usually in my mind make up 2-3 model queue for the next months, but a new release might jump the line,sometimes a group build,maybe some new markings or a movie can change things.

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