What did you do in your modeling workshop today?

Moving at “warp speed”, the speed of a microwave hot water bath, bend parts to shape and quench in cold water to fix resin parts.

Overall the Jaguar interior is excellent much better than most resin from the 90’s in my opinion. With that said it’s really inaccurate by today standards.


Now that the bench is setup, I’ve started working on kits from the shelf of shame. First one to get the treatment is the Takom blitz Pz3. Trying my hand at using oils for weathering. Still very much a WIP


the BTR80A is finished I started a BMD 1…it’s my first panda model…now I understand why this company is no longer in business…it’s one of the worst kits I’ve assembled


Great looking BTR- you’ve done a stellar job on the camo!


For every bit as bad the assembly has been, you’ve made a really nice job.

Top work :+1:


The BTR80A is a trumpeter model. the assembly is still correct even if there are many small parts especially at the suspension level. the one I find bad and the BMD 1 from panda the fit is bad, the plastic is a little too soft and there are some errors on the assembly drawings


I must have been a really bad guy in my former life, otherwise there is no explanation for that punishment😂
I like the trumpeter 1/16’s and enjoyed the build so far, but the track-solution they find is really bad. I have some others from them, the Pamzer IV H, the Panther F and the King Tiger, have’nt open the box until now but I fear it’s the same track-madness.
If you know the trumpeters, the Das Werk tracks seem to be even better as they are anyway


There are so many After-Market products, I’m sure you will find the right decals👍


What are the best European stores for aftermarket products?

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Turret basket wrapped after adding white styrene fiddle bits etc to make it slightly less wrong…lol

Added seat back to gunners station, drive shaft between gizmo’s, control handles and raised center front gizmo off of turret floor.

Added floor pedals & back up trigger to floor with wiring.

Added MG ammo bag and support.

Mounted loader seat to side of shell casing bin instead of floor.

Added styrene strips for sheet metal divider used for crew stowage.


Finally got back to work on my StuG III G (Takom Blitz) and installed the first piece of PE. I messed up the step when I had put the plastic pieces in first, so I accidentally glued two parts where I shouldn’t have, and thus I had to cut those a bit to make the PE fit. I also finally got around to using my new micro drill bit set to drill holes in th efenders. I have decided to go with the included tracks, but making them removable, like Night Shift does in his models. What’s the best way to not accidentally glue the tracks to the road wheels?


Here is a new Zvezda T 62, wheels and tracks has been primed. It was easy build compared to Miniart T 55

My Panigale is almost completed.


After a well deserved summer hiatus of beaches, base horse power, and babes, I have returned to my workbench. Waiting patiently for me is the Meng Rolls Royce Armored Car 1922. The kit is beautiful and assembles almost flawlessly. Right now she has all the paint and washes on. I will continue with light dot filtering and pigments.
I have appropriate stowage for the fenders and all that.


Also got a shipment form AHHQ which contained two cool T-shirts and something I’ve been waiting to buy forever - a glue carousel. After their initial release that were sold out across the planet, but Andy comes through. It locks the bottles in place for no tippage. You do have to glue it together though. It’s a challenging 8 piece 5 minute kit and that’s if you stop to dress all the sprue points. Great stuff for $9.99


Bomb Room window or Flight Deck window… or both? :grin:

Bomb Room ceiling window with scribed lines into clear scrap plastic — press-fit for now. Also, a little hard to see, but I added a few rivets around the ring with an Awl Tool.

The flip-side… showing the Center Column removed for a view.

The Flight Deck has a window with a view into the Bomb Room now.

Where am I? I am so lost. :face_with_monocle:

—mike …:flying_saucer:


So that would be a “Lazy Suzan,” or an “Aunti-Tip”… or both?

—mike :grin:


To me it’s Modellbau König in Germany. They have a big offer, they are working fast. I buy there since years and never had a problem. They also have a YouTube channel with tutorials and they present their products there. Take a look at them, you will like them


They are nice. I stuck the panel liner in there for a bit.


Trials & Tribulations of an “OG”

…Old Panther G…

Spent the afternoon chopping up lots of resin, mixing Devcon 5 minute Epoxy and making stuff fit in places that it wouldn’t fit in the past.

Made platform for engine box out of scrap.

Of course the question becomes will that cobbled up mess fit correctly with the upper hull?

Yes! Celebration :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:

Clumsy & Celebrating equaled knocking model off four foot high work bench. Caught the lower hull in my lap but missed the upper hull.


Repair fender or happy accident and leave it off is the question :thinking:

Or as ShakeSprue once wrote, “To fender or not to fender…”