What do you like to do while building models?

I just thought this might be a interesting question. What do you like to do when faced with the dull monotony of say… building Indy link tracks, multiple subassemblies, or any other part of building a model.

Personally I will either listen to a Rooster teeth podcast, a modeling podcast, listen to Green day, AC/DC and any 80’s classic rock or watch Red vs Blue.

Or do you just focus on the build and try not to be distracted?


Some great podcasts that I listen to about modeling, otherwise plenty of tunes ranging from early metal to southern rock to blues and bluegrass. Depends on the mood at the time.


It depends, if I’m in the garage Music 60’s-70’s Rock or Punk Rock,some video on Youtube about modeling or history, lately I often watch Tested of Adam Savage, if instead I’m upstairs at the table some Movies or TV series.

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I find lately that there is always a new modeling podcast from anyone of the growing list. It seems now that there is one at least weekly that accompany me during my bench time. If I don’t have a new podcast to listen too, then it’s an audio book, more than likely history.

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Usually just building models,but once in awhile I will stream a sports talk show

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For me silence is golden.


I don’t think I can concentrate on a build without some background sound. I tend to switch between music (just about all genres, but mostly FutureFunk) and history videos on youtube (Soviet Storm: WWII in the east is a favorite) along with science stuff (Isaac Arthur/John Micheal Godier) or anything paranormal/crytptids.


Good subject Ezra. Total silence usually bothers me and podcasts annoy me. I have Amazon Music streaming most of the time from the computer through a small amp into some nice Polk speakers so the studio is rocking and the Zen is flowing. I have Amazon Prime so it’s commercial free constant music. Usually 70’s - 80’s rock. If I’m doing indy tracks, I find a NASCAR race is good company to pass the time. Classic war movies on the DVD are always good too. Always something playing at my place.


Usually sports or a tv series for me. Though usually something I’ve seen before as I don’t pay attention much to the show but it’s nice to have something on.

Sometimes war docu series. Something neat about having a panther on your table while seeing one rolling across Russia 80 years ago

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Depends on what’s being worked on with the model. Typically silence but sometimes do the following:

Talk on phone
Pet cat
Order pizza
Classic documentary in background like “The World At War”

Listen to music:

  • 90’s alt rock

  • 90’s rap

  • Acid Jaz

  • Jazz

  • Classic rock

  • Classical - Mozart (need inspiration or solve problem)

  • 90’s gangsta rap - (bust a cap in Dragon kit’s instructions)

Absolutel Silence Required

  • Airbrushing paint
  • Applying zimmerit
  • Attach Indy link track before cement cures
  • Delicate fiddly PE

Lately I’ve been listening to old time radio shows on Youtube. However, if I have a long involved build or diorama going on I will listen to a WW2 book being read on Youtube. There is a fascinating selection. I highly recommend “Stalingrad” by Antony Beevor Part 01 ( I believe there are 4 parts total) as an excellent background and inspiration to modelling WW2 subjects. The books are nice because you don’t have to be visually involved like if you had a movie playing.
If I’m in the mood for music as a background I will pop up one of the numerous Grateful Dead concert tapes from the 60’s to the 80’s (the period I like best was late 60’s through late 70’s)



Usually just flip the radio on (actually, the TV on one of the cable music stations…). Music genre varies with my mood as I finish up the breakfast dishes and head upstairs to my workshop.

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Partially watching music DVD, Doobies, Eagles, AC/DC, etc. If not DVDs, then random selections off of Media Player. Plans are to bring in another laptop to view random armor pics as a slide show. Forgot one thing: beer.

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Usually have a pint of beer within reach. No TV because that’s distracting. I live in an area where there are a lot of good, commercial free, FM broadcast radio. The radio is on and sometimes the scanner.

A lot of great replies!
I agree having a history documentary playing is a nice thing to do as well. I will usually have one playing of the particular kit I’m working on playing just to learn some general backstory.

Chieftain videos are great as well, I highly recommend his AFV Development and myths of American armor talks.

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I listen to BBC Radio 4 extra. Brilliant comedy from my younger days and some good quiz shows too. Occasionally I just enjoy the silence.

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I used to listen to music. Now that my modeling is of a different variety, I still listen to music sometimes.

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I have the radio on. It’s nice having the background noise (I think total silence would freak me out), but usually I’m concentrating on what I’m doing, so I ca hear the radio, but I’m not really listening to it.


I listen to Easy Rock Paradise, only occasionally has a DJ and no adverts…good mix of old and new rock “without the headaches”…

With my tinnitus I have to have some music going to stop the ringing from driving me mad. I have a Pandora channel based on Tangerine Dream that gets the most airplay.