What the postman brought today (AeroScale)

So it’s been a bit since I posted an update on latest acquisitions…. I’ve been nickel and diming it here and there, plus a couple of lucky finds…
For my 1/48 aircraft I stumbled upon this F-5F the other day at a local shop for a great price (far lower than any of the eBay scalpers were asking), so I snatched it up ASAP.

then at IPMS last week, a fellow chapter member was selling off this kit for cheap, and who am I to say no to a bargain. I also successfully haggled for a lower price on this Microscale decal set off the E, since I didn’t care for the kit markings…

Then I picked up this Verlinden transfer set to get the markings I want for a future project, as again I didn’t want the kit decals. Alongside are some F-86D decals obtained in trade for a different project of mine. Thanks to the online modeling friend on another site for answering my “looking for” plea.

a second thank you to him for graciously sweetening the deal by throwing in this P-40 that he apparently bought in bulk

Now to build some of these…


Wow, all these good old Monogram stuff!

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Got that right. Not do not some of the latest greatest hits that have come out over the last 20 or 25 years, but I’m finding I’m having more fun with the old Monogram kits than I am with the newer stuff. I especially appreciate the models more since I made acquaintance with one of their long time employees who started as a draftsman in the mid 70s, and retired and management in the 80s or 90s. He’s given me some exciting insights to the company specifically and the modeling world of the era in general. I intend to post his stories that he approved me posting. The first two are over on Kitmaker homepage.

Agreed, sometimes it is just fun to build to old stuff apart from the high-tec 1001 pieces kits.

Phil, I’m a diehard Monogram Mafioso. Modeling skills required, but that is what builds skills. I know the molds have gotten old and the latest boxings don’t have the fit of the initial releases of the same kits, but they can all be built up into fine examples. Not to mention that some are still the only game in town of a subject in a given scale.

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Ordered May 9, 2022- arrived Friday, September 16, 2022, in perfect condition. Slava Ukraini! Slava geroyam!


I’d say any kit can be built into good examples, so we should not be afraid of old kits. And sometimes it’s fun to see the old artwork of our childhood again.

That’s not me who is afraid of them. One of the guys in my old AMPS chapter used to tease me, asking if I ever built any kits made in this century.

That’s for sure! I do not think that todays box art is quite so dramatic as what was produced back in the days before boxes started having a photo of the built kit on the tops. Revell and Hasegawa had some fabulous box top artwork.

Picked these up for 40% off. Looked like reasonably good kits for the scale and a nice diversion from the really nice but super expensive 1/48 kits.


That Spitfire kit is superb. The locating pins did not help line things up so I snipped them off and then it was terrific.

Just opened it. I’m impressed.

The new tool Airfix are very impressive!

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Some artwork is great, I like most of the Kinetic stuff artwork, but of course, back then, 45 years ago, all those stuff I saw in our then very big modelling shop in our town (it still exists, but it has shrunk to not even 1/5 the size it once had)… I often took my bicycle and just went to the shop to look at the fascinating artwork on the boxes. Didn’t really have the money for the bigger kits, a small Matchbox one every 3 months or so along with some stinky Humbrol colors.

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This arrived today: the first part of my planned Midway trilogy

This must be a kit highly in demand, as I only just managed to snare the last one from a LHS

The mouldings are fantastic, the instructions are a bit vague though… Next up Arma’s FM-3 Wildcat and then wait for Arma or Flyhawk to release a new TBD :grin: :crossed_fingers:


Been waiting for this to be available for a long time now …
I see another 1/48 Fine Molds Babs build in my future.