What the postman brought today (Armorama)

just fired up a thread for this topic so let’s move it over and get all these wonderful pics up there as well.

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Werner’s Wings AH-1F conversion set. Its an absolute masterpiece of casting, photoetch and decals. Ive been after this for a long time


Nice kit.


After a year of skeptical anticipation I’d been waiting for Squadron to list the ICM Cobra since it was announced to release July '23, well on the spur of the moment decision this past Sunday, I went ahead and got on the pre-order list just to cash in on a better retail price, two days later and the brown truck is bringing my package, that’s fairly remarkable turn around considering . . .

I gotta say, if the model is crafted with the same exacting tolerances as the kit box then this should be an exceptional model. I never seriously expected ICM to cut a mold for this gunship in 1:35th only months after the same model in 1:32nd, go figure. I am lovin’ these times in the scale model world, some great stuff out there.

Cajun :crocodile:


Nice pick Terry. I have been wanting to get the 1/35 AH-1G Arctic Cobra. Ever since I saw one paint as such in Reno Air race and it looked cool.


I agree Mike that is a striking paint scheme, I’m curious though, this seems like a rather dated airframe for a combat unit, is it still active or a retro heritage promotional aircraft, or would it be used for avalanche control? I got to know! :confused:

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For a moment I was thinking, the Coast Guard got some additional firepower.


Got these 2bad boys today.

This will be the perfect reference for the Commander when I get round to building it …

And this one … Lots of really nice references if I ever decide to do an REME nut strangler wagon… Really wish we could get Foden wrecker or Leyland DAF drops in plastic …


Purchased another IDF armor book for my reference collection.

To use as reference for a Takom Merkava Mk.2B kit that I have in my stash.


Terry, I didn’t see any crew around it to ask about it as I too was curious but it was in privately owned static display section. Reno does get several Heritage birds every year but I didn’t see any heritage emblem on it. So, my guess is good as yours.


I’m always amused at the British “REME” - it looks so much like the American term “REMF” - meaning “Rear Echelon… er, something other than Mechanical Engineers…”


Us wags, back in the day, used to insist it meant the following:

Rough Engineering Made Easy


Ruins Everything Mainly Engines.

There are probably others!


Mike @Stryker45, I did some nosing around and came up with this . .
I hope the link works I have trouble with posting links.

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They are a really good read. Not sure where you are geographically, but in the US many years ago there was a PBS series on the Civil War and he was interviewed for several segments.

James McPherson’s history is also excellent.


Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually.

Royal Engineers Made Easy.

That said, as an Armoured Farmer, I was glad to see them most of the time :slight_smile:


The series from ken burns, it’s very good and the contributions from foote were interesting.
I know that mcpherson had written any books about the civil war but never got one, until now. I can’t find them in germany, so I have to get it from the united states, I think.
The problem is that there are so many things I like to get, that some things have to wait. Every time I make an order, it take time to choose what’s top on the list and what must wait😂


Me too; they seemed to be mostly cheerful even in the most adverse conditions, but then, that’s the British soldier for you anyway.

Their mechanical skills ranged from Chieftain powerpacks to typewriters - I kid you not re the latter. Once a year as part of the Annual Report on a Unit, they’d turn up and inspect all our typewriters!


Until they made them take the penthouses off their 434s in BATUS as these were classed as an 'illegal modification).

Some bright spark obviously hadn’t ever had to live off one, otherwise they’d never have ordered them to take them off in the first place.


Sadly, the British Army hierarchy have never been slow in making some really crass decisions.


For those of us who aren’t familiar.

With Penthouse (we live like kings)

434 with penthouse

Without Penthouse (we have no shelter and only a crappy crew shelter)

434 without penthouse