What the postman brought today (Modelgeek)

@brekinapez Yes, I’ve seen on a few Facebook pages about those.
Retail at between £40-£50 here. I’m sure it would be cheaper to get one shipped over! I’ve seen the 1/1000 Discovery Enterprise on sale for as much as £100!

My theory is that Grand Nagus Zek is in charge of the UK imports.

I’ve been able to acquire a few of the original Enterprises to kitbash. Going to do a Scout and a TOS Kelvin. I’ve got a couple of engineering hulls, nacelles and a few spares I’ve got some ideas for. One of which is a mobile repair/heavy tug with a deployable dry-dock under the hull. Similar to what we saw in TMP and TWoK. Could be made easily from scrap sprue frames.

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These arrived to add to my Mad Max/Road Warrior collection.

This one is from the video game and not the movies but I got it anyway.


Polar Lights makes many subjects that interest me but I actively avoid purchasing their products except at very steep discount, and often times not even then. The three Polar Lights models I did acquire were all expensive and disappointing.

Refit Enterprise and Reliant are two of my very favorite subjects but I never seriously considered buying either 1/1000 model from Polar Lights because of high prices and lack of decals (or masks). Every time I looked for decals or masks, they were unavailable. I am not going to purchase a model I cannot build.


I know what you mean, they can be a bit expensive for what you get. If you can get them at a discounted price, like they seem to be currently in the US, I’d grab them!

The issue with the decals though is made worse by their notorious poor quality. While they look nice on the sheet, they’re fragile, rigid and have a nasty habit of breaking up. They have to be coated with a clear coat to have any chance of surviving getting off the backing paper. Aftermarket sheets can be bought, but again it’s more expense. Starship Modeller site does have some downloadable sheets for the various AMT Trek kits and the 1/350 refit. Mostly the hull plating and Aztecing. Saves a lot of time masking and painting.

Luckily, I bought a lot of the AMT originals back in the day. I only get the newer Polar Lights kits if it’s something new and better. I do like the more consistent scale of 1/1000. The AMT stuff was all over the place with the scaling!


Your previous comments about bad decals are definitely a factor in my reluctance to purchase Polar Lights models. If I recall correctly, you also pointed me at decals from Federation Models and the files on Starship Modeler.

Perhaps I am being too harsh but the 1/1000 Enterprise, 1/1000 D7, and 1/350 refit Enterprise do not impress me. I agree that 1/1000 is an excellent scale for building a fleet of starships.


My birthday gift to myself arrived today from Cozmic Models.

Deckard and Gaff for the Fujimi Police Spinner.

These look really nice and will be great sat in the cockpit.

And the Starfleet Clydesdale Tug. We saw these things zipping around inside Spacedock in Star Trek IV. Always thought they were a cool design. This is one of the great things about 3D printing, we’re seeing lots of cool stuff that was largely the domain of expensive and sometimes crude resin casts.

One thing I never realised until getting this was that the filming miniature was built with the engines and intakes from F-14’s and 16’s.

These should be a lot of fun to do.


Cool, congratulations.
We’ll probably see a construction report then!? :wink:

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I never should have sold my XB GT all those decades ago… :cry:

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You and me both! :man_facepalming::disappointed_relieved:

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I just came home from Germany. When I was in Munich, they held the ‘Long Night at the Museum’. This is an annual event where you buy one ticket and you can get into the many museums there, between 6.00 PM and and 1.00 AM. One of the additional perks of the ticket, is that local car enthusiasts ferry ticket holders from one of the major Museums to the other, or visa versa, in their own classic cars.

I could not resist that. I queued up and when my turn to ride came up, it was an Opel Rekord Berlina - aka basically the VK Commodore Berlina! Major let down.

However, the elderly couple behind me did not want to have to climb through the gap behind the front seat, into the back seat, of the Oldsmobile 442 they could see was next in line. I was asked if I would mind letting them go before me - ‘Dunnydore’ or ‘Olds’? … yes, I agreed to step back for them and got the front seat in the Oldsmobile too.

In the end I ditched going to the BMW Museum (needed to bus it there and back) and just kept joining the queue to cruise the streets back and forth to the 2 museums.


Nice self-treat, and a belated happy birthday Stephen, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cozmic do some great stuff, fairly priced, good service, and with a relatively quick turnaround, :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:


This arrived last week, it was my turn to gift myself for my birthday, :laughing:.

Apologies for the glare on the cellophane, :angry:.

G, :beer:


Nice G.

The Patrick Macnee figure looks very good based on pics I have seen (although they spell his name incorrectly!). I have not actually seen it painted.

I am not sure so about Diana’s representation. I have seen it on display at a competition. Maybe with good painting it will look better than that one, plus this painted one on the net:

The parting in the hair is not really a match the character’s brushed straight back style and I think that may have a lot to do with why it looks odd to me. That and Diana’s cheeks seem a bit more prominent:



Not strictly sci-fi, but I can definitely see potential for this one in kitbashing and converting.

Lots of interesting greeblies and I definitely see a Starfleet saucer hull. Might grab another one. I think this might be the start of that Star Trek engineering ship I’ve been pondering for months.


Good eye! One man’s hovercraft is another man’s starship! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

—mike :flying_saucer:


Thanks. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to get that project off the ground. Already have the warp nacelles spare from a Polar Lights Enterprise and a few other bits, I just needed something for the hull that looks right. And this does!

Looking around online, I’m not the first to see ideas with this one. Back in the 60’s Gerry Anderson’s model makers used them!


The world needs more talented amateurs.


That kit brings back memories Stephen. I built one (badly) in my very early teens.


It’s the first time out in a long time! Hopefully they’ll make it down to you soon enough to relive the nostalgia.
I’m getting one for my dad the weekend, he remembers it when he was a kid.


Another addition to my Mad Max/Road Warrior collection arrived today.