What the postman brought today (Modelgeek)

The character on the far left is probably the most frightening :hushed:


Found these yesterday at Cosford airshow.

They’re the mini snap kits like the Harvester. Painting instructions are vague, but it will be a good excuse to rewatch it.


Arriving today, replacement decals for the AMT 1/1400 Enterprise E from Bobmat343designs on eBay.
Beautiful little sheet that replaces the hull graphics on the Polar Lights repop. Means I’ll only have to tackle the lifeboat decals from the kits notoriously fragile sheet.

Also had some custom decals printed for the 1/1000 NX-Refift and TMP Enterprise kits. Both replace all the decals from those kits.

First up, the SS Endurance NX-14, named in honour of Ernest Shackleton’s ship from his near disastrous 1914 expedition. Thought the name kept within the tradition of exploration and inspirational names of Starfleet ships.

And the USS Nelson NCC-1815, named after Admiral Nelson and the year of the Battle of Trafalgar. (Also had a member of the family on my dad’s side serve on the HMS Nelson in WW2).

Excuse the blue highlighter over the images. I thought it a good idea to prevent image theft. I trust everyone here, but there are unscrupulous people lurking around the internet unfortunately.