What the postman brought today (Real Space)

Hello Gents, I get the privilege to be the first to post in this section of Real Space about what the postman brought to my doorsteps…

Slowly I have been collecting items related to Space Shuttle and found this gem recently. It’s mix batch of resin and photo-etch in 1/72 that make up the Payload Bay for Revell Space Shuttle model produced by Real Space Models.

The resin parts are little crude to today’s standard but minor polishing will help things out. On the other hand, the photo-etch part looks nice and crisp. These are sure to help the shuttle bay as out of the kit it is empty.

Ok, let’s see some of your Real Space related goodies. :grin:


Ok, the madness continues. To go with the rare find of Payload bay I needed another Space Shuttle. Found a good deal on eBay and hit the purchase button.

LORD have mercy cause mama don’t like! :sweat_smile:


Metal Earth MMS465
Mars Rover Perseverance & Ingenuity Helicopter
1:30 scale

Now I just need to figure out how to open the envelope. It’s like a packet of seeds :grin:


Wasn’t the Rover designed to unpack itself? :thinking:



Yeah, true that! I’ll get the ladder and toss it off the roof. I think the gravity or terminal velocity told the thing-um-a-jig to activate the whatcha-mah-call-it … then - BAM - it was built and rolling


Now that funny :joy:

Btw, I wish there was plastic kit or kits of all the different rovers. Would have been nice.


Plastic kits of the Rovers would be very nice. I’d buy them all.
This is my first Metal Earth kit :metal: It’s all PE! The whole thing. :grin:


Those things are fun. You’ll enjoy it, though the more complicated shapes can be a real challenge.

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