Who has the best LATE 1/72 King Tiger?

Hi friends. I’ve decided to build a very late Konigstiger with all the late features like the 18-tooth drive sprocket, single link track, large ammo door on rear of the Henschel turret, and so on. I’ve found several manufacturers but none are showing the parts trees or give a full description. I realize I’ll be doing some of the modifications but would like to start with the right production-era vehicle. I’m not as young as I used to be! Thank you very much!!!

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Check out the Henk of Holland’s website. There is a lot of information about various 1/72 scale manufacturers and their products. Information often includes pictures of finished models, sprue layouts, box art, and actual kit instructions. This is a great resource for 1/72 scale armor modelers. Airfix, Dragon and Revell, all come to mind as companies who make a Konigstiger. Good luck with your project.

Thank you. I sent Henk an inquiry into his thoughts too. I can add details but am not capable of making two-link track into single link and things like that.

IMHO, Revell, and Dragon are roughly tied for 2nd (if you can still find Dragon). No. 1, is of course, Flyhawk. More expensive than Revell, but comes with photo-etch and turned barrel with resin muzzle brake. All tools and equipment are separate parts. The model has no Zimmerit, yet has features of both pre- and post-Sept. '44 production - so could represent production from just after Zimmerit was discontinued until Dec. '44.
Hmmm…just realized you wanted a post-Dec. '44 production version. Maybe just scrap my post?

lol…No problem at all. I appreciate your kindness. Yes, looking for the latest possible.

OKB Grigorov makes late 18-tooth sprockets, and tracks, to update 1/72 Tiger ll’s;


Thank you very much! That will certainly help the search! Wow! Thank you for your time too.

Dave, without hijacking the thread I will put some images here of my Revell King Tiger I’m doing for the A4 1/72 group build. I’m not totally sure if the kit is meant to represent a late late version, it has no Zimm which is fine as there was no way I was going to attempt Zimm on this small scale. The parts on the whole were really nice and crisp. Most of the tools were separate items but the wire cutters were moulded on. The tow ropes have the cleaning rods moulded into the middle section but look ok when fitted and are well detailed.

The tracks without doubt are the biggest let down with the kit, they are link and length and some come links come in 2 parts. I spent an absolute age trying every method to get them to sit properly around the sprockets and idlers and to even join. The end result was pretty disappointing as they jump out to me as poor, which lets the whole kit down. They just look to straight and unrealistic. But the rest of the kit for me was great and a lovely fit.

I hope these pics give a better feel for the kit and how it looks built.

The last couple are just of the spare links on the sprue and a few of the tools and how they look.

Anyway hoped that showed it a bit more on depth for you and hope it helps in your process of getting the right KTiger for your build.

Thank you very much, Johnny!! There is no perfect kit, that’s for sure. I guess it comes down to what each of us are comfortable repairing (if possible) and how well it “works” for us. I certainly appreciate you sharing the Revel kit! Dave

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Johnnych01 What variant is that? Never seen that before.

Ah sorry Ken … I should of explained that… It’s a complete what if fabrication. I did it for the A4 1/72 Dio group build. It’s meant to represent a King T chassis radar array command vehicle for a battery of 3 E100 Flak 40 vehicles.

Has anyone built an Italeri or Esci Tiger?

They’re pretty old, and usually, the older they are the worse they are. I would stay with Dragon, or, Revell, or Flyhawk. I don’t know if anyone makes the 18-tooth sprocket and track, but if they do I would kit-bash it with one of the better models.

Thank you, Leo. I do appreciate your expertise. The one old Esci has a few details I am searching for, but I believe you are correct in that more modern kits are better fitting and detailed.

What do you fellas think of Zvezda? The sprues look pretty well detailed? Are these a later manufacturer? Thank you!! Dave

Zvezda kits are actually not bad, if a little simplified. It certainly seems to be cheapest option, but it still has the 9-tooth sprocket, and needs some extra work to bring it up to Revell, Dragon, Flyhawk standards. Here’s a review: Zvezda, King Tiger
and another review: Königstiger Ausf. B (Henschelturm) in 1:72 von Zvezda ( 5023) | Modellbau für alle mit Spaß am Hobby
Another option is Trumpeter who generally make good kits, but they also only produce the 9-tooth sprocket version.

Thank you very much, Leo! I hadn’t yet seen any reviews of the Zvezda. It seems most of these small scale kits have problems from tracks to size to detail and so on. The best option would be the Flyhawk to avoid so many problems. Yet, the Flyhawk doesn’t offer many details I am looking for and is highly priced compared to others. I am debating getting an inexpensive kit like the Zvezda so that I can have monies left to maybe buy a correct (for me) set of tracks. Buying an 18-tooth sprocket could possibly another option, or with the correct tracks, maybe I could just add teeth to the visible parts of the stock 9-tooth sprocket. The Zvezda does have the commander’s cupola without the machinegun ring which is correct, and has a slight visor over the sighter’s vent which is also correct. I also like Zvezda has details like the cables that are not molded into the chassis. I have a hard time at my age painting too many molded-in tiny parts. I’m NOT sold on Zvezda yet, and will research others. Sad thing is, as far as modeling, I try to keep a small budget. That is my problem!

Aren’t Italeri kits quite like likely to be Esci revokes?

It depends on what you want to do with your model. It will take more work and expense (in addition to AM sprockets and tracks) to modify the Zvezda kit. Zvezda’s wont make a satisfactory show model as it is meant as a high-end gaming piece, and if you want to make the model you want, the AM sprocket and tracks are necessary for any Tiger kit you buy. Like you said, you could just add little plastic bits to make up the 18 sprocket teeth, but the tracks will still be inaccurate. Most manufacturer’s Tigers require at least PE mesh screens, which will be another added expense! I think an adequate compromise would be the Revell, or Trumpeter kit (it’s only a little more expensive than Zvezda) and is more readily available than Dragon, and a LOT cheaper than Flyhawk. A PE set for the grill mesh, only, will cost between $5 - $10. Detail on both these kits is good, and the kits will build up into competition quality (whether or not you want to compete is another story!).

Hi Leo! You are correct on all accounts. I’m more of a history buff than a kit competitor; so now that I know what modifications the last few Tiger II’s actually had, I’m looking into those more so than competing. I will scratch-off Zvezda however because it seems, compared to other 1/72 kits, theirs is out of dimension. Dragon is available now, so probably that one. Just for kicks and giggles, I’ll let the forum know what I finally decide to do. I do appreciate the time and good advice everyone has shared!! Blessings, Dave